“Once Upon A Time” recap: Take Me Down the Rabbit Hole (2.19)

Previously on Once Upon A Time — hold on, let me think, it’s been a while. Oh right! Baelfire was revealed to be Henry’s father, Tamara and Stranger Greg were in cahoots, Belle lost her memory, and Rumpelstiltskin vowed to kill the boy the Seer said would be his undoing.

We open in Mr. Gold’s shop in Storybrooke, where the Charming Extended Family (sans Regina) is watching Henry blow out his birthday candles. Gold tells him that he can pick anything he wants from his shop as a present, and the first thing he picks up is a magic wand. Gold shows Henry how it works by turning him into a porcelain doll and smashing him into a million pieces.

Before I can decided if I’m happy Henry’s gone or not emotionally ready to see Regina crying again, Mr. Gold wakes up, shattered to realize that it was all just a dream.

Gold goes out to see how the boy is faring in real life, and finds him swordfighting with Baelfire in the park. Regina sidles up and asks what his son is doing with hers, and he smirks and fills her in on the latest update to his family tree.

Regina is PISSED and is convinced Gold knew about this when he “procured” Henry for Regina. Regina turns to Gold and tells him they won’t accept him, spitting his own words back at him. She says, “If your own son can’t bring out the good in you who will.” Good question, Regina. Good. Question.

Business must be slow at the shop, because next Gold galivants to the hospital to visit Belle. She’s shocked to see him up and about, and he apologizes for the dramatic phone call from his deathbed. Belle forgives him because she can tell that his feelings are genuine. She says she can sense it about people, but Emma also once said she was a human lie detector, so you can’t always believe people’s assessments of their own abilities around here.