Laurel Holloman’s new “L” word is “large”

Laurel Holloman is best known to us as Tina Kennard or Randy Dean, which is why she’s been pursuing her art career in Europe instead of the States. “It is very important because it has been easier for me,” she told “I am now more known as a painter in Europe not as an actor, and that is what I care about. No one really asks me questions regarding the other art form.”

From Twitter

Laurel’s 16 large murals are part of a new show called “All The World Inside” at Palazzo Italia in Berlin, Germany and she will follow that up with exhibitions in Italy and London. After acting for 20 years, she made the transition to the art world and seems to have done so quite successfully. She said of her current work’s themes:

I explore the how of life with “All The World Inside.” The exhibition is full of large scale paintings that explore inner landscapes. Many of them are elemental abstract landscapes which look like water, earth, or the sky. [Her previous Italian show] “Free Falling” had more emotional landscapes. I wanted to continue from that direction but, with my developing style, most are color field paintings with a modern touch, in that the brushstrokes explore movement while the color field stays constant.

The title of the show came from the idea that “each mural creates a small world, like something you could step into,” Laurel said. “I wanted each canvas to have its own separate cosmos.”


But if you’re looking to own one of Laurel’s pieces, you’re going to need a big house and a big bank account. Laurel admits, “My paintings don’t really fit into an average home so the buyers and collectors are of course going to be different. I do feel as an artist it is important to be strong right off the bat on the primary market.” Prints, however, are available at a more reasonable price at her website.

This one is called “Quiet Alpha Male.” I feel like Bette Porter would approve.

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