“The Good Wife” recap (4.21): Labors of Love

This week’s Good Wife didn’t provide us with enough lady love, but it did include Alicia getting some of her moral compass back, as well as some interesting speculation on Kalinda’s future. It begins with an Alicia family reunion at a funeral for someone none of them really knew, which I enjoy. Not because of the funeral part, but because Alicia and Momma Channing and Gay Brother Owen all together is one of my favorite things. They’re more natural in a lovingly dysfunctional way than Alicia’s stilted relationship with her own kids could ever be.

Thanks for dragging me to this funeral of a stranger, Mom. (Anytime!)

Turns out Momma Channing has actually corralled Alicia there to meet the deceased’s wife and co-workers, who are all coders at some tech company that is screwing them over real hard. The deceased guy died after falling asleep at the wheel after a week of 18 hour days at work, and now the company is pushing a shitty contract on all the coders because they’re afraid his wife will sue. Basically, companies are evil. Often, the tech-y, ChumHum-esque episodes are some of my least favorite because so much of it goes over my head, but I always love a good labor dispute. Plus, the coder who Alicia ends up primarily working with is played by Fran Kranz, otherwise known as Topher from Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. And man, do I miss Topher.

Should I just go to sleep for a while?

The lawyer who’s representing the evil tech empire is good ol’ Nancy Crozier, played by Mamie Gummer, who we haven’t seen since last season, and hoooly crap is she as evil as ever. As soon as she walked on screen, I thought: 1) I miss Emily Owens! And, 2) Is she a gay cop yet? Sadly, she’s just Nancy Crozier, and Nancy Crozier is the WORST.

And as they attempt to begin negotiations at Lockhart Gardner, Nancy Crozier quickly fires all 20 coder employees who have even suggested that their fast tracked contract is a piece of crap. The fires of injustice start to burn in Alicia’s eyes as says contemptuously, “You are really amazing, you know that?” To which Nancy Crozier replies, “I do know that.” Ugh, how can such a sweet face be so infuriating!

Speaking of things that are the worst, there are some other contenders in this episode, one of which is Peter, who after learning that he’s actually down in the polls, shares some wine and pizza with Alicia in his tour bus. He then pops out a ring, telling her he wants to renew their vows in Hawaii. Oh, barf.

Alicia says “I don’t know” because “things are good right now” so she doesn’t want that to change. But if things actually ARE good, wouldn’t this be a really hopeful moment instead of one that makes Alicia cautious? I know relationships are tough and messy and that’s the point of her and Peter’s whole relationship but I’m starting to be real over it. Alicia wants the appearance of being good with Peter, but stalls at any sign of real commitment, which I don’t think has to do with her and Peter’s complicated past at all, but everything to do with the fact that she still dreams about banging Will.