“The Good Wife” recap (4.21): Labors of Love

As for the labor fights, things begin to swing in Alicia’s way, and Topher and his co-workers get their union. Yay! Except, actually, not so yay. Mean Mamie Gummer says smoothly at the end of proceedings that their tech company has actually been bought out, so none of this really matters anyway because the coders might still lose their jobs. And it’s been bought out by none other than ChumHum. Alicia blusters into Diane’s office, believing that she and Will encouraged the union talk to purposely drove down the cost of the company so that ChumHum could buy it, or something. I don’t really understand how it works because big business is stupid and evil, but there’s nothing Alicia can do about it.

They then immediately go to a partners meeting to discuss the assistants’ pleas. Alicia’s ready to fight the power for them, but Will assures her they came up with a fair solution for everyone, giving the two assistants who shouted the loudest better positions and benefits, while saying they’ll get to the other assistants “in time.” Alicia takes a second before understanding, “You bought off the ring leaders.” And once again, there is nothing Alicia can do about it. But man, do I love the smoldering disgust in her face.

Speaking of disgust, back to the Peter thing. While Alicia’s brother Owen lectured her at the beginning of the episode that “her body was telling her” that she wants to be with Will, he then meets with Peter during the episode and somehow something about that meeting, which didn’t really seem particularly heart warming at all to me, has changed his mind. As the fam celebrates Zach’s 18th birthday at home, Owen tells Alicia that he believes Peter really has changed, and is sweeter than they’ve given him credit for. Momma Channing then comes in and says Owen, have you smoked some crack? Alicia becomes increasingly upset and tells her mom, emotion cracking her voice, that if she talks to Peter about anything at all, she’ll never let her see her grandkids again.

So Momma doesn’t talk to Peter. Instead, she talks to Will. She finds him alone in the offices and asks him if he loves his daughter. Because if he does, he better move fast. Peter wants to renew their vows, and if Alicia does that, she’ll be gone forever. Will is quiet for a long moment, his face attempting to be neutral, and finally says it was nice to see her again.

This is that part where someone older and wiser tells you what’s right in front of your face.

Hm. No comment.

Alicia meanwhile does an interview with Charlie Rose and takes it upon herself to bash Kresteva, which she knows she has to do to help Peter’s campaign, and it works. She is the good wife. She and Peter once again celebrate in the tour bus, hot seat of romance apparently, and after she makes him promise to not put her through what she’s been put through anymore, she says yes, she would love to renew their vows.

Sigh, eyeroll, blurgh. One of the things that makes the Good Wife so good is that it’s so smart, but this is starting to become so predictable. We all know that in the next episode she’ll make out with Will again, and this all just seems so tiring. I know, of course, that this conflict within Alicia is the premise of this entire show, and as a writer, the moment you solve your central conflict, your story is done. So they can’t just make her leave Peter forever and frisk in the sunset with Will, or vice versa. But there has to be some type of more satisfying solution. Doesn’t there?

Next week is the season finale. What do you think will go down? How will we be set up for a fifth season?