The First Behind-the-Scenes Photos of Lily Loveless and Kat Prescott’s “Skins Fire” Photo Shoots Are Here

We’re three months away from the premiere of Skins‘ (surprise!) (final!) seventh season, which means, of course, that it’s time for us to start really working ourselves up into fits of hysteria about the return of Naomi and Emily. We flipped out when we heard the project was really happening, squealed with delight when E4 released the first Skins Fire video of Lily Loveless and Kat Prescott, hyperventilated a little when we saw an on-set photo of Lily and Kat with their script, and now we’re sighing with delight because the first behind-the-scenes photo shoot pictures are here.

Skins‘ publicist Rich Cain tweeted a photo yesterday of Lily and Kat at a shoot for Fiasco magazine.

And Fiasco photographer Ed Cooke, Instagramed a photo of himself with the two of them.

What I am gathering from these photos is that Naomi has turned her garish floral print jacket from series three into a pair of jean shorts but she’s kind of embarrassed about it so she’s trying to hide by camouflaging her torso. And also Emily has taken to wearing all-gold clothes all the time as acknowledgement that she is a trophy, a medal, the highest standard and ultimate reward for being alive. Which is, of course, correct. I’d classify Naomi’s new look as “Aria Montgomery on a budget” and Emily’s new look as “perfection again.”

Skins Fire rolls out in July, so get ready for more photos and promos and all kinds of fangirling.

Thanks to @medusa_girl and @Scousegrrl for the heads up about these new photos!