Everything we know (and wildly speculate) about “Lost Girl” Season 4

Have you caught your breath? Are you still scratching your head? Where’d [insert name of almost any character here] go? While our Canadian (and technologically inclined) friends have been puzzling over it for a week, the Lost Girl season finale finally aired for U.S. viewers last night. For a complete synopsis, read the episode recap here. Go, we’ll wait.

SPOILER ALERT: What follows will be full of spoilers and rampant speculation about the finale and what comes next. Just so we’re clear.

So much has happened. Black smoke monsters. Fae-human hybrids. Major daddy issues. One of the biggest cliffhangers – or should we say cliff crashers – was what has become of Tamsin and Dyson.

When last we saw them they were pulling an accidental Thelma & Louise. What was left was a smoldering hunk. But the good news is actress Rachel Skarsten has confirmed that she’ll be back for Season 4, twisted mess of metal be damned.

So that would indicate that at least Tamsin survived. Since I highly doubt that even super Fae like a Valkyrie and a Wolf-Shifter could make it out of that massive crushing, I would guess other forces are at work. And, since we’re just wildly speculating here, I’d guess that Tamsin and Dyson were whisked out of the car by the ominous black smoke left by the Wanderer. You can see it trailing out of the truck before it makes impact.

Speaking of his Wanderness, that’s one way to make an entrance. Bo’s long lost papa makes his first appearance – well the back of him does. And then he imposes some mandatory father-daughter time by sending Bo into the black smoke ether and onto his tarot card.

So it’s possible that he sent Bo, Tamsin and Dyson to some big smoky cloud in the sky together. But where, exactly? Well to figure that out we need to figure out who he is. Again, just spit balling here, I think the Wanderer is the powerful Norse god, Odin. He is considered the god of war, death and also wisdom. He is often depicted holding a staff and is the ruler of Valhalla.

And then there’s Lauren – clever, brave, brilliant Lauren. While you may have felt a flicker of doubt when a smirking Dr. Lewis scrubbed in ready to slice into Dyson, it was all just an elaborate ruse. In a stroke of karmic genius, the good doctor transplanted delicious, delicious Cabbit DNA into Taft instead of wolf. So Dyson should thank her for both saving his life and giving him a post-op snack.

But after the surgery, what become of the Hotpants? Lauren disappeared without the help of a puff of smoke, and Bo seemed none too concerned about finding her. Did she flee the compound? Was she destroying Taft’s research? Will Bo realize she was working on her side all along? And who the hell is Karen Beattie?

And those are just the biggest mysteries. We have so many more. Will Kenzi go all the Fae? What will Hale do now that he has abdicated as acting Ash? When will Trick come back from his love runaway with Stella? Has Vex really gone Light? And can we please, please have more Bruce?

We’ll have to wait until late 2013 for Showcase viewers and early 2014 for Syfy watchers to get the answers. But until then the stars of the show would like to thanks us for another successful season. Zoie Palmer sent out a tweet the night of the finale.

Lost Girl star Anna Silk filmed a little video she posted on the same day.


So, thoughts on the finale? Desperate hopes for Season 4? Craziest conspiracies about what the heck is happening? The field is yours.