“Defiance” recap (1.02): May the Odds be Ever in Your Favor

Previously on Defiance, half a dozen alien species affectionately known as the Votan hopped on some space-arks and fled the destruction of their own solar system only to arrive at earth 5,000 years later and find it occupied. They were like, “Er, hey humans — here, have some small pox-infested blankets. LOL, JK. What do we look like, a bunch of Christopher Columbuses? Let’s share your planet.” That worked for a little while, but then an Apocalyptic war broke out and some terraformers were unleashed and next thing you know, the planet’s ecosystems and land masses and bodies of water were a whole new thing. Nearly everyone was dead, so Han Nolan decided to start The Defiant Few and save some lives. Now he’s the sheriff of Defiance (formerly St. Louis), a town where Julie Benz is a human mayor, Mia Kirshner is a human madam, and Jaime Murray is a Castithan woman who really likes to take baths.

Here’s something you should know if you’re planning to marry Stahma Tarr and convert to Castithan-ism: If, one day, you should find yourself staring down an army of homicidal house-sized mutant aliens with only a handheld laser gun to protect you and you decide to flee for your life, your punishment will be public torture/death. That Castithan guy that bolted from battle last week is now tied up on some kind of stretching rack that allows his friends and neighbors to kill him slowly all day long. Nolan tries to break it up because it’s barbaric and also because Irisa has some serious torture PTSD she’s yet to reveal to us. Amanda agrees that it’s gross, but the last time they tried to legislate a safe thing that went against an alien species’ religion (mandatory vaccinations for kids), they had an uprising on their hands and it wiped out a nearly all of the town’s Irathients.

You can tell Nolan wants to fight about this (and then make up with some smoochies), but Amanda’s old assistant Ben has escaped from the hospital and headed down into one of Rafe McCauley’s mines with some explosives. They figure he’s heading into Old St. Louis — which is Regular St. Louis but underground now because of terraformers — to add his dynamite to a leftover nuclear power plant, the result of which will be: KABOOM! At first, Amanda’s like, “Look, I’ve got my tank top here, and my side-braid like a regular old Katniss Everdeen. I think we’re good.” But then she hears the part about the nuclear explosion, so she’s like, “Hang on a second.” And she adds a hat to her ensemble and that’s how we know everything is going to be OK. She flexes her triceps and sends Nolan and Rafe down into the mines to bring back Ben — “Alive, OK?”

As soon as Ben’s underground, Irisa marches right back to the Castithan town square to put a halt to the public execution. You know how in Skyrim you can loiter around Solitude when you first get there and watch that guy get beheaded or you can jump up on the platform and start hacking and slashing guards so he can get away, but then everyone in the whole town turns on you and attacks you? Yeah, it’s like that. I mean, the Castithan’s are stoning one of their best buddies over tea and biscuits; executing an angry little Irathient is nothing to them. Luckily, Deputy Tommy shows up and fires his gun and says he’s arresting the Castithan traitor for, “Er, loitering?”

Amanda decides  to stand up to Datak and his gang of thugs. She meets him at the jailhouse and says there aren’t going to be any more executions on her watch, and Datak is like, “Sure thing, sweetheart.” And he bounces.

So that traitor is safe for like four more hours.