“Scott and Bailey” recap (3.4): Secrets in the Cellar

It apparently went down like this: her brother, Michael, and her dad had apparently gotten into a fight when her dad hit Michael’s head into the wall a bit too hard. Whoopsie! When Helen saw what was happening, Dad forced her to help bury him, saying that if she ever told anyone, she’d be subject to the same fate.

Man, I wish I was still playing Monopoly.

She says that over the years she’s half convinced herself it never happened, but is now wanting to find out if her memories are actually true. And indeed, when the police return to the house, they find human remains in the basement, and not just of one body, but of two. Because of the increasing WTF factor of the case, they bring in Detective Superintendent Julie Dobson, played by Pippa Haywood, who we met last season.

Yet another lady in charge, no big deal.

Since they need more information, and since Helen has technically admitted to being an accomplice to a crime, Rachel and Janet then show up at her home to arrest her and bring her in for questioning. It’s clear at this point that Rachel and Janet are on Helen’s side, and they assure her it’s just procedural, but Helen and her partner with the delicious hair are obviously not too pleased about it.

This of course leads to another harrowing and ridiculously well acted interrogation session of Helen crying and breaking all of our hearts.

Oh God, just make it stop.