“Scott and Bailey” recap (3.4): Secrets in the Cellar

They continue to excavate the basement of her old home, where they end up finding SEVEN bodies in total, all of young men. Good grief. (AE reader Paula believes this whole storyline might be based off of the Cromwell Murders, the famous sexual assaults and killings of at least 13 young women by Fred and Rose West in the 1970s.) While Gill is skeptical about Helen’s innocence at first, they decide that she is not a suspect but a witness, and work to get the charges against her dismissed. That is, as long as she cooperates and tells them all she knows about the sick, sad world she used to live in, which sounds real fun and not at all traumatizing.

At the house, DSI Julie Dobson calls her higher up, who shockingly happens to be another badass woman, to give her the latest developments, and herein lies the funniest scene in this whole episode. After she gets off the phone, Julie Dobson bemoans to Gill how this woman makes her feel all wibbly wobbly on the inside:

Julie: Look at me. I’m shaking. I’m sweating. An hour in a cellar with four putrefied corpses and I’m cool as a cucumber. Thirty seconds on the phone to Karen Zalinski and I’m a nervous wreck. Look at me, what’s going on?
Gill: You’re ridiculous.
Julie: Oh, sod off. Is it just me? Does she not have this effect on everyone?
Gill: It’s just you.



Oh, Julie. We’ve all been there, my friend.

They pull good ol’ dad Joe out of the slammer (where he’s currently held on suspicion of killing his wife), but interviewing him is difficult, as his mind seems severely addled and it’s impossible to discern when he’s lying or when he just genuinely doesn’t remember jack. He appears distraught to find out that Michael has been buried in his very own cellar for 30 years, and ends up blaming it on everyone else — his wife Eustace, or Helen, who he calls “a lying little bitch, always was” — except for one of his other missing daughters, Sheila, who he becomes weepy about, saying she wasn’t “nasty” like the others.

Well, this is just a big sack of depressing.

It’s also revealed that someone’s been leaking information to the press, which has Julie Dobson in a tizzy. Not only do they have Helen’s name, but it’s also revealed in the paper that she’s visited female prostitutes, all information no one should know except for detectives on the case.