“Scott and Bailey” recap (3.4): Secrets in the Cellar

Gill says she can’t imagine anyone in her office sneaking info. My own personal theory as of now is that it’s Julie herself. She’s been complaining about the media just a little too loudly this episode, while everyone else seems to simply roll their eyes about it and keep on with their job. In any case, it all sucks for Helen pretty hard. It’s a good thing she hasn’t had a lot to deal with in her life!

Further interviews with people who knew Helen’s family in the past reveal even more macabre details: an old boyfriend of one of Helen’s sisters who said that they lived in squalor and that the daughters were obsessed with sex in an unhealthy way because of their parents; a homeless man who was taken in once by Joe in the ‘70s and sexually tortured over a series of days in the cellar. He also says that the girls joined in on it. He was lucky enough to get away, and reported the whole escapade to the police at the time, who did nothing about it because they thought he was crazy. Which makes Janet feel pretty awesome about her field.

And so after a long day that at least quadrupled the WTF factor of this whole thing, Janet then returns home to find, once again, Helen, sitting at her kitchen table waiting for her. Her partner read about the prostitutes in the paper and kicked her out. That is indeed a tough one, Helen. She’s also had a bit to drink, and in turn seems bitter and incredulous, and then simply sad, and small.

Janet says that she can’t be there, that it’s inappropriate, and calls Rachel to assist her in getting Helen to a B&B somewhere. Well, first she calls Rachel’s flat, and her husband says she isn’t there, so then she calls her mobile. Rachel says, why are you calling late? I’m in bed! And Janet says, wait, your husband just said you weren’t.

This is because “bed” for Rachel means a sleeping bag on the floor of the office. Her marriage is clearly going real swell!

Next week’s episode promises even more details and twists of this case. What are your thoughts on it all?