Feminist Friday: Dorothy Needs To Get the Hell out of Kansas

This Week in Ladybits

A North Dakota judge has blocked the state’s ban on using medications to induce first-trimester abortions. The judge ruled the ban unconstitutional, because duh.

The batcrap cannonball run to become the state with the most restrictive anti-abortion laws in the nation is still anyone’s race, though. Last Friday, Kansas surged into the lead again. The state’s newly signed law requires doctors to flat-out lie and say that abortion increases the risk for breast cancer (No, it does not.) and also declares that life begins at fertilization, which means hang onto your favorite birth control methods, people in opposite-sex relationships! Thanks to their firm refusal to listen to or believe in science, the far right in Kansas is probably coming for your pills and IUDs next.

Oh, have I mentioned my White House petition lately? Please sign it.

Oh, and Kansas Governor Sam Brownback wrote “Jesus + Mary” at the top of his notes on the bill. Because in this country it’s totes OK to pass secular laws based on the religious beliefs of one narrow segment of the population.

Virginia’s Hillcrest Clinic has shut down thanks to Virginia’s insidious TRAP laws.

All of these are good reasons for both genders to get involved in protecting reproductive rights. But Feministing has an issue or two with the Bro-Choice Campaign.

This Week in Thinky

Shesus. This dude. How come they can show boobs in the movies, but a guy can’t make ordinary fun comments about a woman’s boobs at work, huh? Weren’t the traditional-values ‘40s and ‘50s better? No, you idiot.

Hack stand-up comedians and magazine editors are going to have to try a little harder. All those tropes about how inherently different men and women are are pure codswallop.

If you were a lucky young geek, someone gave you a copy of From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and made your world a little bigger and a little better. Thank E.L. Konigsburg, who died last Friday at 83. Susana Polo wrote a lovely tribute in The Mary Sue.

Sarah Kendzior righteously slammed the media for its coverage of the Boston Marathon bombers.

And Tamara Winfrey Harris discussed leaning in while black.

This Week in Ugh

Everyone’s favorite charmers at the anti-gay Family Research Council claimed that horrific massacres like Newtown and attacks like the Boston Marathon bombing are caused by “abortion, family breakdown, sexual liberalism, or religious hostility.” Family Research Council, I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that after reading that I marched straight to my kitchen and put on my best frilly apron. And then I baked you a hot, tasty batch of shut the hell up. Go on, take two.

There have been reports of modeling agents recruiting girls at eating disorder clinics in Sweden.

Holy freaking balls. Wikipedia editors have been quietly moving female authors from the “American Novelists” category to the “American Women Novelists” category. It’s apparently been happening with other countries too. As of this writing, there is not an “American Men Novelists” category. This is why you shouldn’t use Wikipedia for your research papers, kids. Also, screw them. (via Feministing.)

And this douchebag at the University of Arizona wants women who wear tempting clothing to know that they “deserve” to be sexually assaulted. His name is Dean Saxton and he’s going to be looking for a job one day soon. And I think that employers Googling Dean Saxton, that’s Dean Saxton who attended the University of Arizona, should know that Dean Saxton thinks women who don’t dress to his standards are asking to be raped.

This Week in Bad-Assery

A sailor in the U.S. Navy was spending some time on leave in Dubai when her bus driver veered off the main route, parked, and attempted to rape her. So she knocked his knife out of his hand, broke it in two, bit him, and then forced him to the ground with a leg stranglehold.

Rosie Napravnik will ride Mylute in the Kentucky Derby next Saturday. May the Fourth be with you, Rosie.

Photo via Ms. Napravnik’s official Facebook page

(Here’s a look at Napravnik’s kickass silks for easier rooting.)

Image via kentuckyderby.com


And Missy Elliott has something better to shout than YOLO.

This Week in General Awesomeness and Fun

Felicitations, you lovely French folks. Congrats on staying strong in the face of brutal anti-gay protests and legalizing same-sex marriage. We Give a Damn had a handy scorecard.

Image via wegiveadamn.org

Looks like Delaware and Rhode Island are getting close too.

Do you need some funk to finish off your week? Yes. Yes, you do. Janelle Monáe released her new single, “Q.U.E.E.N featuring Erykah Badu.” So good!


And, yes, people are already wondering about those lyrics.

As if you needed another reason to love Joan Jett. Trans musician Laura Jane Grace says that Jett immediately wrote her a letter of support when Grace decided to come out last year.

Image via Laura Jane Grace’s Facebook page

You may not be aware of how much you love Kay Cannon, but you do. She wrote for 30 Rock and is currently a writer for New Girl. Oh, and she wrote a little thing called Pitch Perfect. See? Told you.

Well in her spare time from being smart and hilarious in other ways, Kay is starring in Little Tin Man, which is premiering June 1 at the Seattle Film Festival. Enjoy some trailery goodness.


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