A lesbian couple and their “Lost Cat”

I’m a huge fan of both Caroline Paul‘s writing and Wendy Macnaughton‘s artwork, which means the couple’s new book, Lost Cat, was sure to be one of my favorite new reads this spring. Caroline, an ex-firefighter who penned the memoir Fighting Fire about her experiences in a San Francisco fire house, wrote the new book (full title: Lost Cat: A True Story of Love, Desperation, and GPS Technology) about Tibia, who disappeared for a month before returning home. But when Tibby wouldn’t eat, Caroline decided to try and track his journey. Her partner, Wendy (who does artwork for places like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Time among other places), illustrated the entire thing.

Lost Cat is not just about, well, a lost cat. It’s about the bizarre feelings of jealousy and lack of understanding that can come from the caring of animals, creatures who can only tell us so much by their actions and expressions. As Caroline and Wendy find out, it’s not easy to follow Tibby from place to place. He does a lot of zigzagging all over the neighborhood, and even the best of kitty trackers can be a bit confusing to navigate. And then there is the whole idea that, well, GPSing your cat might be a little crazy. But it sure does make for a great book!

Sadly, Tibia has since passed, but Lost Cat is a great way to honor his memory. And even better, the book’s website encourages others to share their lost cat stories. Surely you or someone you know has one. Insert cat lady lesbian joke here!