Steamy new stills from “Passion”

Do yourself a favor and watch Love Crime, if you haven’t already. The French film is out on DVD now, and the American remake is being released this summer. Having enjoyed the original so much, I just want to share the wealth before we move on to the new version. A brief synopsis: Christine is a business executive, Isabelle is a junior executive and they have a twisted relationship that goes from professional to personal very quickly. In the French version, Christine is played by Kristin Scott Thomas, Isabelle by Ludivine Sagnier.

The casting was perfect, which is why Brian de Palma‘s decision to make a new version fairly quickly seemed strange — but I didn’t complain when he cast Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace in the leading roles, despite the fact it’ll look a lot different from the original.

Some new stills have been released from Passion (the name of the American version, which hits theaters in July) and I am basically already in line.

Will you be seeing Passion?