“The Good Wife” recap (4.22): Up All Night

It’s time for the Season 4 finale of The Good Wife, which means it’s time for a heck of a lot of boring Peter Florrick election drama! It begins right off the bat, as the first thing we see is Zach in his prep boy gear, primed and ready for his first ever election, and one where he can vote for his daddy, oh my! He takes a picture of the ballot to capture the moment! Which is illegal, I’m pretty sure! And then he says, wait a minute, why are those guys trucking in that other box o’ ballots from out of nowhere, with a broken seal, because that definitely seems illegal. So then he goes to take a picture of THAT, and some uptight voting guy stands in his way and says, that’s illegal! Yeesh. Voting is HARD. It’s a good thing your mom’s a damn good lawyer with a vested interest, so we can haul this box o’ ballots to court!

Is this the way to Hogwarts?

Smartphones, such a nuisance in the face of corruption!

The best part of this whole storyline is that the volunteer poll worker who first greets Zach and is then brought in testify is played by Estelle Parsons, otherwise known as Roseanne’s mom. She goes by Nana Joe here and rocks a black beret, and even though it’s been over a decade since she played Bev, she still looks and sounds exactly. the. same. and I love her.

Martha Plimpton also returns for this overnight trial — which makes me think of, and miss, Night Court — with babies and sass in tow. She questions Nana Joe’s eyesight and tries to paint Zach as a rabble rouser, asking if he likes to question authority a lot. He responds, “No. Only when it’s wrong.” Zing!

Two fingers, bitch.

Things are going pretty swell until they bring in the contested voting box, which has been counted and ends up being overwhelmingly in Florrick’s favor, not Kresteva’s. Hahaha, awkward! At which point both sides immediately switch positions. The night trial drags on and they eventually make Nana Joe/Bev cry. Bad, Lockhart Gardner, bad! And then the third party candidate throws in a ballot complaint, too. Geesh, politicians are whiners. The best part of THIS ballyhoo, however, is that the judge in this complaint is played by the amazing Ana Gasteyer.

This third party complaint, which is brought by a scorned T.R. Knight, is silly and thrown out soon, which makes me sad because I want to see more of Ms. Gasteyer, but alas. And anyway this ballot thing is getting tiring so let’s move on to the juicier bits.