“The Good Wife” recap (4.22): Up All Night

Over at Florrick headquarters, there’s a bit of Jackie drama, and man, is Jackie drama enjoyable. My favorite line of the night comes when Peter asks Eli if Jackie knows their campaign might be losing. Eli quickly replies, “I have dedicated my life to not predicting what Jackie knows.”


Peter is apparently also thoroughly creeped out by Jackie’s Don Juan caretaker, who he himself hired but who seems to be just slightly too close to Jackie. He has his men look into Don Juan’s background, which is apparently a little sketchy, and has Eli give him a $25,000 check to get the hell out of there. Near the end of the episode, Don Juan tells Peter, thanks for the check! Oh, but by the way, I’m not going. Jackie also whispers sternly in his ear to never mess with her life, ever. So what’s going on there, huh?


Alicia and Will also share a kiss in a car, wherein Alicia is exhausted from this ballot trial business and so a little more truthful and vulnerable than normal and says stuff about how she’s opened up something between them that she doesn’t know how to close but she’s with Peter and yadda yadda and then Diane gives a “wrap it up, kids” bang on the hood.

I don’t know what to doooooo so let’s make out.

Seriously, kids.

Will says, after this night is over, we’re gonna have a TALK, and Alicia says, eh. I think we won’t and I’ll just continue being emotionally tortured for the rest of my life because that’s my thang. And I know this is supposed to be the emotional high point of the episode but to be honest I can’t concentrate on it that much because some super lesbianic song is playing in the background that sounds just like a jam I probably weeped to in my bedroom in high school but I just canNOT place it and it’s driving me crazy. Any help here?

The most interesting developments of the episode are, not surprisingly, with Cary Agos and his revolucion. Good ol’ Colin Sweeney seeks out Cary at one point while he’s having a meeting with the rest of the dissenting fourth years. Sweeney just happens to own the building Cary’s looking into renting for his new, expensive offices, and Sweeney wants in. He’ll cut a deal on the rent if Cary will cut a deal on his legal services. Except for one thing: Colin Sweeney, unsurprisingly, wants Alicia.