“The Good Wife” recap (4.22): Up All Night

There’s also continued wrangling over Kalinda. The other fourth years believe they can’t afford what Kalinda’s demanding, because I guess the other fourth years are all a bunch of idiots who don’t want to win cases. Sure, some dude points out that promising more than they could afford is exactly where Lockhart Gardner has gone wrong a hundred times, but guys, it’s KALINDA.

Cary relays this to Kalinda, as if Kalinda’s going to be cool with it, and she continues to make financial demands. And it’s only now, when he’s so close to actually achieving his dream, that Cary starts to stray from his Kalinda alliance, and ask Robyn if she’d be up for it. While I’d be interested in Robyn too if I was in his shoes, because I do think she is one smart cookie, he is also clearly too dumb to foresee that Robyn will ask Kalinda for advice, which she does, and that Kalinda will be super pissed about it, which she is.

Telling you something I shouldn’t because I am a sweet and innocent flower.

You can say goodbye to me AND my gorgeous jackets.

Man, I am dumb.

Speaking of Kalinda, she also finds out that Peter Florrick’s campaign was, in fact, 100% responsible for the fraudulent voting box that Peter Florrick’s own son witnessed. Oh, Peter. Peter, Peter, Peter. He and Will have a weird power play conversation where Will’s like, I could screw over your election, but what I really mean is I could also screw your wife, and then he asks Peter to punch him in the face. Men, am I right? Peter doesn’t punch him in the face but just sort of walks away and Will doesn’t even turn him in. Disappointing. The votes are admitted; Peter wins the election.

Alicia waits to congratulate her husband with her beautiful shoulder muscles and her trademarked Alicia Florrick Forced Happiness smile. After a quick hug she then excuses herself and stares into the depths of her soul for a while in the bathroom mirror before making a phone call. You still want to talk?, she says to mysterious person on the other line. Meet me at my apartment. I’ll get away. Now.

At her apartment, she pours herself a glass of wine, turns on music, folds some towels, and does some more mirror soul searching, asking her reflection, “Is this stupid?,” until finally there’s a knock on the door. And we’re all waiting for it to be Will, but we also know that with this drawn out set up, on this season finale, there has to be a trick up the Kings’ sleeves, and indeed, when she opens her door, we see not Will, but instead this charming, questioning face:

Cary asks what she’s thinking. She says:

“I’m in.”

End scene!

Here are my thoughts on where we stand: I think we’ve been leading up to Alicia making this decision over the last few episodes, but it does still seem shocking somehow, just because she has so often NOT gone with her heart on this show. And I am excited for Agos, Florrick, and Associates, big time. But with Peter’s election pretty much sealing the deal on Diane’s ascent to the Supreme Court, will Lockhart Gardner be able to survive at all? We’ve already spent so much time watching them flounder and rebound, that a massive re-floundering with only Will and Kalinda at the helm just seems too pathetic to bear.

As for Kalinda, as much as I wanted it in a way, her going to Cary’s firm never would have worked, so this conclusion for now makes sense to me. Cary may care for Kalinda, but he still doesn’t necessarily understand her. Asking for her exclusivity to him is changing who she is; when Will asks for her exclusivity, at least he understands that she’ll never grant it.

But what really tears me apart is the idea of Kalinda and Alicia no longer being on the same team. (If Kalinda DOES stay with Lockhart Gardner. Kalinda’s future seems the most up in the air of all to me.) Again, we’ve perhaps been led to this point already by the fact that Kalinda and Alicia haven’t even shared a scene together, apart from the briefest office interchanges, in forever. Which to me is perhaps the biggest tragedy of this entire season; it almost frustrates me more than the Nick storyline. At least Nick made us question who Kalinda was, her strengths, her vulnerabilities, her mysterious backgrounds. Even when we felt the whole Nick debacle was going against everything we love about Kalinda, we were upset because we KNEW who Kalinda was, and we felt betrayed. Without her loyalty to Alicia, without both of them being the other’s rock, Kalinda really doesn’t have much purpose on the show other than solving cases for everyone. And sure, it’s fun to watch her be clever and badass and solve mysteries and scribble in her notebooks, but all the other stuff was what made the audience actually care.

I also hate to see Robyn and Kalinda potentially torn apart. Like I said previously, there could be some fun tension if they’re competing against each other on the same cases, but I don’t know how much that would even happen. Their polar opposite chemistry really worked in the very brief time we saw it, so this feels like only getting to taste half a bite of the most delicious cake ever.

In terms of Alicia’s love triangle, who’s to say; maybe it will just drag on forever and ever until one or the other dies or something. I don’t know. The fact that Will didn’t submit the damning evidence against Peter’s campaign feels like him giving up in a way, or it could actually be a testament of his, by doing what would hurt Alicia the least. Alicia leaving the election celebration not to see Will but Cary also seems like even more of a confirmation that she doesn’t love Peter anymore. The good wife would have stayed for the champagne. Leaving a celebration of the highest point in your husband’s career to follow the flame of your romantic desires is one thing, but to leave it to contemplate your own career just really proves you never wanted to be there in the first place.

But enough rambling from me. What did you guys think? What do you think Season 5 will have in store for us?