New “The Fosters” Promo: Stef’s Packing

The Fosters premieres in five weeks, and ABC Family has released another promo for the show. Take a look.

Woah. Let’s talk about what’s new, shall we? Stef (Teri Polo) seems against bringing any more kids into their house. That’s not news to those of us who have been obsessively following the show. We knew that Stef was against adding more kids from the character bios. But, we do get a bit more about how Callie may have ended up in their house. It appears that Stef is involved in a call to Callie’s house where she’s being held at gunpoint by a creepy dude in a manktop. This is the first we’ve really seen of Stef the cop, gun and all, and gives me the sense that when Stef sees Callie’s living situation she changes her stance on no more kids. Also how are you going to say no to Lena (Sherri Saum)? That’s a whole lot of gorgeous.

We get a bit more of Callie’s (Maia Mitchell) story, how she came to know the Fosters, and just how dire her circumstances were before she joined them. We get a glimpse into her distrust of the police which will create some lovely tension with Stef as the story progresses.

What did you think of the new promo? Excited to watch on June 3? We need a hashtag or this show so we can tweet up a storm. Leave your suggestions in the comments.