Watch Now! Two clips from the upcoming movie about Elizabeth Bishop and her lover Lota

Elizabeth Bishop was one of the best American poets, but she also spent a lot of her time in Brazil with her lover Lota de Macedo Soares. Bruno Barreto‘s Reaching for the Moon premiered at Tribeca this week, and the film tells the story of their relationship, which was not without its share of drama.

Here are two clips from the film, which will have a wider release this summer. The first has Elizabeth (Miranda Otto) attempting to visit Lota (Gloria Pires) in the hospital, where she frequently checks in after having nervous breakdowns. She is stopped by Mary (Tracy Middendorf), Lota’s obsessive ex-lover. The second is a minute of her reading a poem aloud to a friend.

If you’re interested in other documentation of Elizabeth and Lota’s relationship, you should also read Rare & Commonplace Flowers by Carmen L Oliveira. I’d also highly recommend Michael Sledge‘s novel The More I Owe You. Both have all the salacious, sad and awe-inspiring details of their passionate affairs.

Check back soon for our review of the film from Tribeca.