LiveTweeting Lesbian TV: Hashtags for the AfterEllen set

It’s not easy keeping track of all the hashtags over on the Twitter machine and even harder to keep track of which ones you should be using if you want to hang out at the cool kids table with all the AfterEllen folks. So, I have put together a handy dandy guide for all the shows for which we currently have a hashtag. A huge thank you to Heather Hogan for her help with the excellent graphics (you know I didn’t make those).

After you’ve jotted down the guide in your Moleskin, tattooed it to the back of your hand, or developed a mnemonic device to keep them all straight, skip on down the page to vote for your favorite to be the hashtag for the new ABC Family two-mom show The Fosters.


Rizzoli & Isles

Pretty Little Liars

Chicago Fire

Once Upon A Time

Warehouse 13


The poll will run until midnight on May 8 after which point we’ll sky write the winning hashtag (or announce it in a more reasonable way). May the bet hashtag win. See all of you over on the Twitter machine.