Your Ultimate Summer Reading List

It’s May! The flowers are blooming! Your favorite TV shows are winding up their season finales, and/or being cancelled and cutting your heart out! The end of school looms so deliciously close (yet still so far away)! You’re breaking out the flip flops and t-shirts and sunglasses even though it’s not quite time for them yet! It is so almost summer!

To help with your plans for All Those Books You’re Going to Read This Summer, here’s a handy extra-queer and lady friendly guide in three parts for you, with love, from me.

Those Books Everyone Else Talked About This Year That You Never Got Around To

1. The Miseducation of Cameron Post, Emily Danforth

Wait, you HAVEN’T read this one yet? What is wrong with you?

2. Adaptation, Malinda Lo

The sequel AND the companion novella come out in September. That is plenty of time for you to catch up this summer, especially as there is a good chance that once you start reading Adaptation, you won’t put it down until you finish.

3. The Last Nude, Ellis Avery

Winner of the Stonewall Award and a contender in the upcoming Lambda Awards, if you missed this book club selection from back in January, and you like art and history and France and sexytimes, you need to jump on this now.

4. Are You My Mother?, Alison Bechdel

I mean, it’s Bechdel.

5. Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?, Jeanette Winterson

I mean, it’s Winterson.

6. Ask the Passengers, A.S. King

This just won the L.A. Times Book Prize, which it deserved, because it is touching and awesome and right-on.

7. Carry the One, Carol Anshaw

Emma Donoghue, Alison Bechdel, Publisher’s Weekly, and approved.

8. The Music Box, Elaine Atwell

Mourning the end of Elaine’s Bomb Girls recaps? Want more war-time lady love? Well then read her book, duh.

9. Herself When She’s Missing, Sarah Terez Rosenblum

A novel from another writer which experiments with form in all sorts of fun ways, the two main characters meet through fandom, sooo, I don’t know, maybe some people will be able to relate to that.

10. Round House, Louise Erdrich

If being up to date on the crazy good female writers who are holding their own with the men in hoity toity literature circles is something that interests you, while not queer, you probably want to read the National Book Award winner from this year.

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