Portia de Rossi says marriage changed her relationship

Portia de Rossi is on the cover of Los Angeles Confidential magazine this May/June, and inside, she talks about going home to Australia with her wife, Ellen DeGeneres, and the return of Arrested Development this month.

Her co-star Jason Bateman and AD creator Mitch Hurwitz say working with her is a dream, and interviewing her seems to be one, too. She’s open about everything from donning her old Aussie grammar school outfit (“On camera, Ellen made me change into a school uniform, and I can’t tell you how creepy I felt being a 40-year-old woman in a school uniform that was a tiny bit too small for me. … The whole thing was just too weird.”) and feeling like a poster child for a happy gay marriage. We collected some of our favorite bits below:

On fans of Arrested Development wanting the show to return, despite Portia having other projects:

It never annoyed me. Every single person that came up to me and asked me about Arrested Development was great, and I would end up talking to them about what I thought was going on. The only thing I wouldn’t do is the chicken dance. So, yeah, you can stop asking for the chicken dance.

On her life with Ellen:

I’m pretty happy with my life, so whatever I’m doing professionally has to actually make it even better than it is right now. We were together for four solid years before we got married, but the minute we said “I do,” the minute we stood up in front of our parents and our friends and committed to each other, our relationship changed. I don’t think people understand how important that little ceremony is and what it actually does to people. To my mother, instead of thinking of our relationship as a little bit less than my brother and his wife’s relationship in some way, it made them instantly equal in her mind, and Ellen became her daughter rather than someone that I was with or dating. It just made it more like family, and our commitment to each other just strengthened instantly.

On being the most popular lesbian couple:

All it means for me is if your lifestyle is somewhat different from other people’s, then people are going to pay a little bit more attention to you and learn about a different perspective from you. But it’s not like we’re going out and saying, “Okay, here’s how to be a happily married gay person.” All anyone can do is live her life as honestly and openly as possible, and that’s it. If people get something from that, then it will be a positive thing, because that’s all we are.

Check out the entire interview at la-confidential-magazine.com.