“Once Upon A Time” recap: Shadows and Sardines and Shocks, Oh My (2.21)

Back in London, Wendy is keeping Bae in a crawlspace in her bedroom wall. In her Darling way, she says her parents haven’t noticed her stealing food for him because ‘they’re grownups, they can’t see anything that’s not right in front of them’. Sadly she is mistaken because her parents  catch her bread-handed. Father is a little upset, but Mother Darling welcomes him into their home. Wendy tells Bae about a magic shadow that comes through the window sometimes and isn’t attached to a person, and can do wonderful things like fly and change shape. So far, it seems like our classic tale with an extra player. However, Bae is not as entranced by magic as the Darling children and warns them that magic can ruin everything if they let it. However, Wendy doesn’t listen and later that night is carried off by a creepy-ass shadow-thing with scary, glowing eyes that is most definitely NOT the Peter Pan I remember.

In Storybrooke, Gold and Lacey are day-drinking in the shop. Gold doesn’t much care that Regina is missing and in danger, but Charming reminds him that he is owed a favor. Conveniently enough, Rumple has one of Regina’s tears on hand and all he needs is one more. Snow just has to think of a lost puppy and she’s practically wailing, so the spell is complete. Once they drop the mixture into Mary Margaret’s eyes, she will feel and see what Regina feels and sees. And smells, apparently. Because she feels Regina’s pain and smells sardines.

Emma goes to Neal and tells him that she still doesn’t trust Tamara and they go out searching for her on the supposed “run” she went on. Unfortunately, Tamara isn’t so bad at this whole secret-agent thing and shows up just in time to convince them she was, in fact, on a run. Emma apologizes to Neal for not believing him, and Neal apologizes for letting Emma go to jail because Pinocchio told him to.

Not too far from where they stood, Stranger Greg is still shocking Regina, but she’s still insulting them because she’s badass. She laughs at them for thinking they can steal magic – but Tamara clarifies, they don’t mean to steal it. They intend to destroy it. They believe magic is unholy (her word) and that they need to cleanse this earth of it. They are literally the destroyers of childhood dreams.

Emma, still near the docks, realizes (based on Mary Margaret’s clues) that they must be keeping Regina in the canning factory and RUNS to the building. Actually sprints. To find Regina. To save her. 

The next morning in Londontown, Wendy returns from Neverland. She is not wearing the expression of a little girl who just got to swim with mermaids, however. Apparently, the Shadow won’t let the Lost Boys leave Neverland, even though at night they cry at night. He let Wendy go because he wants one of her brothers instead. Here is where I decide the Shadow is definitely not Peter Pan because I refuse to let this show destroy one of my favorite fairytales.

Anyway. Back in Storybrooke, Lacey comes out of the back room and tells Gold she saw the magic and is very turned on by it. She wants to be immortal. Gold says, “valar morghulis” and rambles a bit about the Seer’s prophecy.

Emma and Neal go into the canning factory, but Neal is being snarky because he is still not convinced that Tamara is behind this. Speak of the she-devil, Tamara sees the two of them creeping around and tells Stranger Greg they have to go. Greg wants to know where his dad is and doesn’t care if Emma and Neal have found them.

Regina gets a hopeful gleam in her eye upon hearing Emma’s name, as though it relit the fire in her. With her renewed energy, she tells Greg she killed his father. She says she buried him at their campsite and that Stranger Greg can go ahead and kill her now. She knows Emma loves her, because she found her. She can die in peace now.

And die she might.