“Once Upon A Time” recap: Shadows and Sardines and Shocks, Oh My (2.21)

In London, the Darling children set a trap for the Shadow, but he bursts right through the locked window. The kids scramble for the crawl space, but little Michael is transfixed by the glowy-eyed monster and starts to go with him. Bae intervenes and volunteers as tribute, telling Wendy he won’t let magic ruin her family like it did his.

While being pulled through the skies of London, Bae pulls a match out of his pocket and strikes it. I don’t know where his logic came from, because I’ve never heard of a shadow who was afraid of fire, but it worked because Shadowman dropped Bae in the middle of the ocean. A ship ropes him in and he is greeted by Captain Hook and Smee.

In the Storybrooke cannery, Stranger Greg is about to fulfill Regina’s wish and crank the electricity up to a bajillion, but David arrives just in time and scares him away. He’s about to run after him, but Mary Margaret insists that saving Regina is more important.

Out in the hallway, Emma hears on her walkie that it was Stranger Greg that had Regina. Neal starts to boast about how right he was, that it wasn’t Tamara, when Tamara HITS EMMA OVER THE HEAD. She takes the sheriff’s gun and shoots the poor guy in the gut.

In true Bad Guy fashion, Tamara tells Neal that their whole relationship was a lie, but before she can finish revealing her evil plan and/or shoot Neal in the face, Emma comes to and body-slams her all over the place.

To escape this sticky situation, Tamara uses some “unholy” magic to open a portal and run away. Neal, still shot and on the floor, starts to fall through, but Emma grabs him like Simba grabbed Scar to keep him from falling.

Emma looks down at Neal and tells him she needs him. Now, she was short on time, so that’s all she could say, but what she really meant is, “I need you, I can’t raise Henry on my own, the little nitwit needs at least three parents and three grandparents so none of us get so sick of him we ship him off with Shadowman to Neverland ourselves.”

They exchange “I love you”s but I’m confident it’s only because it’s the polite thing to do when someone you had a relationship with once is falling to their doom. And since it’s never fun watching someone disappear forever, sad Emma is sad.

The Charmings must have taken the back way out of the cannery, because they’re already at the Loft, having the Blue Fairy heal Regina. Emma staggers in, looking bedraggled. She tells them Tamara killed Neal, but before they can really get into that, Regina stirs as the sound of Emma’s voice. When Regina opens her eyes, she sees Snow White carefully toweling off her head, much like she had done for Regina when she was disguised as a peasant.

After getting over the initial shock that her extended family actually saved her life, she tells them they have more pressing matters than Neal getting sucked into a vortex – the evil duo still has the self-destruct crystal. 

As we pan to the forest of Storybrooke, we find out that not only do they HAVE the crystal, but the Home Office somehow knew exactly what it was and has instructed Tamara and Stranger Greg to use it.

Next week is the finale, and the preview is a doozy. Stranger Greg and Tamara are on a suicide mission, and it looks like Regina might be able to save everyone…except maybe herself.

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