Heather Peace gets her make-out on in this week’s “Waterloo Road”

Having a rough week? Feeling a little down in the dumps? Well, in case you’re having one of those “man, I wish I could see some hot women make out on TV right now” moments, here’s something to perk up your day.

Since the sad demise of Lip Service, in which she played Sam Murray, Heather Peace has been keeping busy playing Nikki Boston on the BBC’s Waterloo Road, a popular drama that’s been on the air in the UK since 2006. It deals with the teachers and students at a troubled secondary school that’s just recently relocated to Scotland. This new school is run by Michael and Lorraine, and keep an eye out for Lorraine (played by Daniela Denby-Ashe), because she is the foxiest headmistress you ever did see.

Here’s the set up: The last portion of Series 8 kicked off last week, with Lorraine making a surprise announcement that Nikki Boston will be the new “deputy head,” basically meaning she’s the third-most powerful person in the building after Michael and Lorraine. (Correct me on any of this, Brit folk!) It seems that Lorraine also made this decision without Michael’s approval, which causes a bit of a stir, but why wouldn’t you pick Heather Peace to be your right hand woman?

Lorraine has also been informed that the school is under a substantial amount of financial stress that may lead to closure, and she has a difficult time communicating with Michael about it all. She confesses to Nikki, “Sometimes I get the feeling he still sees me as a difficult kid who needs guidance.” But don’t worry, Lorraine, Nikki is there to comfort you! She replies, “Well, I don’t see you like that.” Oh, really? Tell me more. Sitting on the edge of Lorraine’s desk, she adds, “And — anything I can do to help, I’m here.” Anything, huh? She then scurries off bashfully.

Later, after an intense situation with a student, Lorraine is having one of those This School Means Something! moments. She also notes that the way Nikki helped handle the situation should quiet any concerns people might have had about her new promotion. To which Nikki stutters out, “It wasn’t just the staff I wanted to prove myself to.” Oh, really? Lorraine then struts over to her, saying she has amazing plans for this school, and they’re the ones who are going to make it happen. Yeah they are! And then they MAKE OUT LIKE WHOA!

I have to admit that I wasn’t the hugest Sam Murrary fan on Lip Service. I also previously haven’t watched Waterloo Road. But two hot ladies wooing each other while also looking out for the welfare of troubled teens? Oh man, that kicks me right in my lesbian parts! This one scene alone has me wanting more.

Viewers in the UK can watch the whole episode on the BBC website; the rest of us can sneak a peek of the kiss scene here. The next episode airs on Thursday, May 9.