Watch Now! The new girl meets “The Fosters”

“So you’re dykes?”

Oh hey, Callie, nice way to make an entrance.

The Fosters<?a> is counting down the days until the June 3 premiere by releasing clip after clip of the pilot episode. In this one, Brandon and the rest of the family meet Callie and she makes quite a first impression. Take a look.


In the space of less than 30 seconds, Callie spouts off some of the nonsense that gay moms get from strangers regularly. How did you get your kid (stolen from the supermarket as suggested by Imogene Herdman, of course), who is the real mom (both of us)?

I love the way Jesus (Jake T. Austin) defuses Callie calling his moms “dykes” and Stef’s nonchalant “who’s this?” as she sips a beer. Seems like having a new kid at the table calling her a dyke is just Tuesday around the Fosters’ table. Pass the big, lesbian lasagna, new girl.