“Once Upon A Time” recap: All Aboard the USS SwanQueen (2.22)

Previously on Once Upon A Time: Balefire boarded the good ship lollipop with Captain Hook to escape a Shadowman, Tamara and Stranger Greg stole the trigger that could destroy Storybrooke, and seriously where the hell is Ruby?!

We begin long ago on the Jolly Roger, with Hook gazing longingly at a sketch of Helena and his first mate, Smee, assuring him that they will avenge her death. He asks why they’re keeping the boy aboard, and Hook says that they will be using him as collateral for safe passage through Neverland by giving him to the Shadow. After a quick chat with the child, he puts the pieces together and realizes that he is, as fate would have it, Rumpelstiltskin’s son.

In present-day Storybrooke, Henry is swinging in the park while Granny sits nearby with a giant rifle. Gold comes very close to snapping the rope of his swing, but the Charmings show up to tell Gold that Neal was shot and shoved through a portal. They also share the even WORSE news that if they don’t act fast, Tamara and Stranger Greg will set off the trigger and everyone not born in this world will die. Gold, however, is long past caring about this family and their stupid hats, and has no interest in helping them. He blames himself for Neal’s death – he’s the one who brought magic into this world, and he knows better than anyone that magic always has its price.

Across town, in the mines, Hook follows Tamara and Stranger Greg as they look for a dwarf’s axe to activate the crystal. Hook finds out that they don’t actually know who they work for, and that they are willing to die for their cause. They turn to their pirate partner and ask if he’s willing to die for his.

He says yes, so Stranger Greg pickaxes the diamond and it floats up in the air and starts to glow. They then all run out of the mines, which seems silly if they’re all going to die anyway. Though, unless they’re lying about who THEY are, the curse theoretically shouldn’t kill them if they were born in the US and not another realm.

Back at the Charming loft, Regina wearily climbs out of bed just in time for the entire gang to come home. Henry runs to her and calls her mom and hugs her and her eyes fill with tears. Henry declares that they all have to work together to save Storybrooke and for once I am 100% on board with his idea.

So the team huddles up and assigns jobs. Hook and Charming will go after the Evil Duo and their beans, Emma is going to take Regina down to the mines, Mary Margaret is going to…go hide with Henry? I don’t know, I was too distracted by the idea of Emma and Regina alone in the mines.

Regina and Henry exchange “I love you’s” and Regina looks both happier and sadder than she has in quite some time.