“The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” vs. “Divergent” Promo Photos: Katniss is Braver Than Tris

Divergent and The Hunger Games have a lot in common. Both books center around a complicated female heroine. Both take place in a dystopian future. Both have film adaptations hitting theaters really soon. And both released promo images today of their heroines teetering awfully close to the edge of things.

The Hunger Games publicity team has been teasing a new Catching Fire image for awhile now, and today it arrived in the form of another oil painting (like the character portraits that were released back in March). Obviously this isn’t a scene from the film, but it’s totally something Katniss Everdeen would do: climb to the edge of a cliff and have an existential meltdown about how she’s both triumphant and trapped, and she’d fully relish the symbolism of being alone up there on top of the world.

The new Divergent image is only the second to be released and it actually does come from a scene in the book, in which Tris is changing societal factions by making a rather harrowing leap.

It’s weird: Divergent (the book) was obviously marketed to The Hunger Games crowd, but the filmmakers have been adamant about the fact that this is not a Hunger Games rip-off so stop comparing the two, OK?! They should have guessed that Katniss was going to climb the the top of a mountain today just to prove she’s less scared of heights than Tris, who only managed to climb to the top of a building.

What do you think of the new promo images?