The 5 Most WTF Moments of Fictional Lesbian Adultery

My favorite writing teacher once told me that if writers fail to listen to the desperate whispered desires of their characters, the fictional worlds they inhabit will collapse around their ears. It’s a really pretty way to say characters have to be allowed to act out if their stories are going to be believable. Sometimes acting out just means mouthing off. Sometimes it means shouting and stomping around. And sometimes it means scissoring with a lady who is not the lady you promised to scissor with exclusively.

Straight characters who are in committed relationships cheat all the time across all forms of media and it’s usually nothing by a cliched snoozefest, but committed lesbian couples are so sparse that when one of our beloved gay characters cheats and another one of our beloved gay characters, we find ourselves shouting at our TVs and movies and books. Below are five of the most WTF moments of fictional lesbian adultery.

Arizona Cheats on Callie, Grey’s Anatomy

We’ve got to hand it to Dr. Peyton Tree Hill: The lady’s swagger and game made us squirm uncomfortably as soon as she hit the screen. And by “squirm,” I mean “swoon.” She went after Arizona hard and even the piano music in the scene where Arizona and Dr. Peyton finally crash into each other seems sympathetic to their sexual chemistry. But Arizona has a wife and has spent nearly all of this season refusing to have sex with her wife just because Callie was forced to chop off half of Arizona’s leg one time. I mean, everyone relationship has its ups and downs. Shit happens. Limbs are lost. That doesn’t mean you start humping your gorgeous doppelganger the minute a superstorm knocks out the power in the on-call room!

Naomi Cheats on Emily, Skins

Naomi Campbell spent a full season trying to pluck up the courage to be brave enough to say out loud that she wanted Emily. Wanted to laugh with her and hold hands with her and watch telly with her and do loads of naked things with her. When she finally committed, we thought she was in it forever. But then one day on a train some random girl in jean shorts offered to draw her some comics, and Naomi invited the random to her pants party. She didn’t just cheat on any old homo; she cheated on Emily Fitch! They were special! Everything’s so fragile! She didn’t want anyone to care!