“Orphan Black” recap: In The Name of Science (1.08)

Previously on Orphan Black, Alison tortured her husband, Leekie found out Beth wasn’t Beth, Helena went crazy, and Cosima kissed Delphine.

Apparently Sarah and Paul’s kiss from the last episode was a good one, because they wake up together in Felix’s loft and they are not clothed. Sarah seemed to have enjoyed sleeping with him as Sarah and not as Beth, but Paul starts talking about clone matters and kills the mood. Felix comes back, mildly horrified, and is the perfect amount of sassy about the two of them shacking up, in his bed no less.

Meanwhile in the suburbs, Alison is back early from her couples retreat because her and Donnie are getting a divorce. While she was on the phone with Sarah saying that she needs to take a break from Clone Club, she watches as Aynesley just strolls in and starts snooping through the mail before noticing Alison was standing there.

Back at the loft, Sarah and Felix are fighting with Cosima on the phone. They think Neolution is bullshit and that Cosima must have gotten her science wrong if Dr. Leekie could figure out from the secret tests that Sarah wasn’t Beth. Which seems like an aggressive conclusion to come to since Paul figured it out from the lack of scar on her neck, and he couldn’t science his way out of a paper bag. Felix makes Sarah hang up on Cosima and Sarah is afraid they’ve lost her, that she’s drunk the kool-aid and might blow their whole operation.

In suburbia, Alison is confronting Aynesley on her super-snoopy nature and, not dissimilar to how she started to get extra-defensive when she suspected Donnie of being her monitor, she starts to lose her mind a little. She demands that Aynesley returns her extra key and turns her out.

Near the grad school campus, Delphine sneakily gets into Leekie’s car and their conversation goes something like this:

Delphine: Cosima made a pass at me.
Leekie: Duh. Anyway, I need you to get the intel ASAP, by any means necessary.
Delphine: But you told me not to disclose —
Leekie: I’m not telling you to disclose. I’m telling you to diss clothes. Got it?

She gets it and gets out of the car, looking a little wary.

While everyone else is doing all this relatively normal stuff, Helena is on an abandoned boat, downing little packets of something and mumbling things to herself. She finds a letter Kira had sent to Sarah in her jacket and starts reciting it out loud while she hallucinates.