“Scott and Bailey” recap (3.7-8): A Drive to the Ocean

Luckily, a bystander has also witnessed Gill driving by her on the road with a knife to her throat and called it in, so the team is on it almost immediately. Best of all, DSI Julie Dodson is on the case, and do I love when Pippa Haywood shows up on the screen! There are almost too many shipping possibilities on this show to count, but my absolute favorite, even more than Scott and Bailey themselves, is Gill Murray and Julie Dodson. Just like Gill, Dodson is all business at the command center, jumping into action immediately, but you can just almost see, or at least perfectly sense, her constant panic underneath, her constant rage, her constant devotion to Gill and terror at the possibility of losing her.

They bring in Louise, the ex-girlfriend with the fantastic hair, and she seems just as she has the whole season: both scared and overwhelmed and gentle as a fly. She offers to call Helen as a lead in to handing the phone off to Janet for a negotiation, but Helen hangs up before that’s even possible. But enough time elapses for Louise to let Helen know that the cops are on to her, and to urge her not do this, that they can work something out. Heartbreakingly, she says, “I was struggling, too. I’m sorry.”

But Helen can’t back out of her plan now, which has been revealed as driving off the cliffs into the sea at Flamber Head on the east coast. Like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, as she says, but without the flying car. She’s taking Gill with her as a lesson to the world, and to the police, about how they hurt people. And Gill takes her there, right to the edge of the ocean. But there she stops. She tells Helen to do what she has to do. But, “If my son has to hear about how I died, it won’t be because I killed myself.”

Julie Dodson calls in the firing units.

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