“Scott and Bailey” recap (3.7-8): A Drive to the Ocean

Janet calls Helen again, to let her know she’s surrounded. But Helen is done with talking to the police. She throws the phone in Gill’s lap. Gill scrambles to take it and then lifts it to her face, hands shaking violently, and when she hears Janet’s voice on the other end of the line — the first sure sign she’s had all this time that she’s not alone — I stopped breathing completely.

Helen begins to speak dreamily in the backseat, and Gill tells Janet to wait a moment. She came here when she was nine on a school field trip, Helen did. They looked at birds, and the lighthouse. It was a moment of pure happiness in a wretched world. She says, “I wanted to stay here, forever.” Her voice cracks: “I certainly didn’t want to go home.”

At this point Gill begins to implore to Helen that she can leave here alive and she will, she will get help, and Gill will admit they made a mistake, and that’s when Helen goes to wipe a tear from her eye and smears blood on her cheek and Gill looks back and there’s blood everywhere, and Helen has finally put that knife to use, and Gill screams and flails and she can’t do anything because her neck is still tied to the seat and she yells at Janet over the phone in a crazed voice to get her an ambulance, now! And the firing squad swoops in and Gill is finally released and when the men ask her if she’s okay, she screams at them, in perfect Gill fashion, as if they are all idiots, “No, I am not OK!”

And Julie Dodson lets out a quivery sigh of relief.

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