10 awesomely gay superheroes who should marshal Pride Parades

Pride season is almost upon us, which means — well, it means a lot of things. Day drinking, nakedness, costumes, and enough Lady Gaga/Kelly Clarkson mash-ups to fill an ocean. It also means it’s time for major cities to start name-dropping the marshals for their Pride Parades. Washington D.C. threw down the gauntlet this morning when they announced that Lynda Carter will be hosting the Capital Pride Parade this year. I’m just going to give you a second to picture Wonder Woman leading a parade of thousands of cheering gay people right past The White House.

I know, right? This is what dreams are made of.

Capital Pride’s announcement made me ponder what other superheroes would make awesome Pride Parade marshals. Here’s a list of the ten best/gayest.


I mean, duh. She’s only the highest profile queer comic book character ever. (And the baddest badass in all the Bat-family. Yeah, I said it.)

Green Lantern

Sure, Alan Scott is on DC’s other version of earth. And yeah, they really screwed him over killing his boyfriend in issue #2. But he’s still Green Lantern, man. He’s limited only by his imagination, which, coincidentally, is the theme of every Pride everywhere.

Danielle Baptiste

Dani has one of the most problematic costumes in all of comics, but her Witchblade getup will fit right in at Pride. So will the fact that she’s bonded with the female primal force of the universe.