Ellen Page loves Jennifer Lawrence, “Whip It”

I won’t lie: I read this HuffingtonPost interview knowing nothing about Ellen Page‘s new movie, The East. I read it as a fan of Ellen Page. In fact, the first few questions the interviewer asked got me depressed and not wanting anything to do with The East. (Except maybe look at pictures of Ellen Page at premieres.)

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I skipped ahead to the fun parts. For example, did you know Ellen Page loved Drew Barrymore‘s Ever After? Amazing.

She goes on to say that her love of Drew Barrymore wasn’t the only reason she chose to be in the superstar’s directorial debut, and lesbian favorite, Whip It! — at least, not the only reason.

One of the saddest things I ever read on the internet was that Michelle Pfeiffer regretted doing Grease 2. I loved that cheese-tastic movie and it broke my heart that Michelle didn’t have a great time singing “Cool Rider.” So it always makes my heart happy to hear a star of a movie say they’re proud of the work they did. Page even said she had “a blast” making the roller derby flick.

Speaking of gay things, it looks like Page won’t be confirming or denying the lesbian rumors that surround her any time soon. She says, “Well, I want to be very private. Also because it’s for the work. I mean, your job is to create an illusion, you know?” And while I get not wanting the whole world knowing every detail of your life, there are plenty of out actors and actresses whose sexuality has not affected their ability to create various illusions through their characters. Quite honestly, I think NOT talking about it is just making us all talk about how she’s not talking about it, so I’m not sure she’s helping her own case here.

One thing Page IS willing to dish on is her excitement about reprising her role as Kitty Pryde in the newest X-Men film, Days of Future Past. She adds, “Especially with this new, insane cast. I mean, it’s psychotic. Jennifer Lawrence is fucking incredible. James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender and everyone, I mean — awesome. It’s going to be cool.”

And considering the fact that Ellen Page is one of the coolest people ever, I think that’s an accurate assessment.

Also, if you bumped your head today and need a reminder of Jennifer Lawrence’s awesomeness, may I submit this for consideration:

Photo via rom Bryan Singer’s twitter

Out of curiosity, after reading the interview, I went ahead and watched the trailer for The East and it actually looks surprisingly awesome. I, too, get depressed when I am made too aware of the state of the world, but this movie isn’t a documentary or a two-hour PSA — it has action, drama, a great trailer-music-selector — and of course, Ellen Page.


Will you go see The East? Are you excited to see Ellen Page and Jennifer Lawrence on the big screen together?