Watch now! Three clips from next week’s “The Fosters”

For those who want a sneak peek of what is coming up on Monday’s new episode of The Fosters, ABC Family has you covered with three — count ‘em, three — clips from the episode.

First, we have another scene set in the Fosters’ kitchen. This time we’re having breakfast and we catch a glimpse of Jesus taking one, or not taking one, to cover for Mariana.

For those of you who were wishing for a few more “Welcome to the O.C., bitch!” moments, have no fear because in this clip Callie is getting a warm welcome from her fellow students.

Charming. Next time Talya, just pee on Brandon’s leg.

Finally, we get a little more information on Callie’s past and how she and her brother ended up in the system.

Not sure Stef’s thrilled about expanding the brood permanently.

What do you guys think? Looking forward to the next episode?