Watch Now! Craig Ferguson wants Sarah Paulson to send selfies to “a gentleman friend”

Sarah Paulson went on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night and talked about how she doesn’t like to take selfies on her iPhone. Things got a little weird when the host said she should take some photos of herself to send to a gentleman friend and the out actress said she doesn’t have a “gentleman friend,” but there is someone she “has her eye on.” She didn’t correct Craig to say she isn’t interested in gentlemen, and she’s actually been a little non-gender specific in recent interviews when it comes to speaking about dating, flirting or relationships. Perhaps Sarah doesn’t identify as a lesbian, or she is just more interested in keeping things playful and non-specific while on camera.

If you watch the whole interview, Craig keeps going with the “gentleman” idea, offering advice on how to ask him out. “People don’t ask me out, I don’t get asked out a lot,” Sarah said and later joked she’s “too easy.”