“Pretty Little Liars” season 3 deleted scenes: Fall in love with Paily all over again

Pretty Little Liars lives to shock us, and it accomplished its mission once again this week when Pretty Little Liars: The Complete Third Season‘s bonus footage revealed not one, but two deleted Paily scenes. You heard me, cupcakes: There’s two full minutes of footage of Shay Mitchell and Lindsey Shaw being puppy-levels of adorable together that never made it onto the show. Hallelujah for DVD extras, right? Here’s the deliciousness we missed while we were watching — well, I don’t know what we were watching instead, but I’m going to guess it involved Ezra and baked goods.

Scene One: Gay Sharks

No one seems to know what episode this deleted scene is from, and I can’t tell either because Paige and Emily are wearing swim practice clothes, but the important thing is the innuendo flying every which way but primetime. Not-Coachprah tells Emily that even though she took the summer off from swimming — probably because she was trapped inside that space-time vortex, eating waffles at ’50s diners and robbing graves and riding around on the floorboard of Jenna’s car — her “stroke is looking really good.” Paige knows a way to make Emily’s stroke even better. She tells Not-Coachprah not to worry because she’s going to “stay on” Emily. Not-Coachprah says that’s cool, on account of Paige really knows how to “finish.” I’ve always suspected Paige was the champion of topping Emily, but it’s nice to have confirmation.

Emily smirks and cocks her eyebrow up to the sky when Paige says they can practice at her pool any time. She goes, “I’m so sure we’d get a lot swimming done hanging around your house half-naked by ourselves for hours at a time.” (Where’s that deleted scene?) And Paige agrees that since they can’t keep their hands off each other, they probably should just stay after practice and workout in the school pool. Emily is glad Paige convinced her to stay on the team, even after that whole thing where A made her start accidentally doping. Paige is glad Emily stayed on the team because it means they get to see each other every day in a crowded and well-lit environment where they are not likely to become victims of homicide. Emily bounces to meet her mom. Paige gazes at her receding form, all sighs and worshipful adoration.

Scene Two: Pre-Mannequin Massacre

GIFs via Prince McCullers’ Tumblr

Remember that one time when CeCe Drake beat a snake to death with a mannequin leg? Duh, of course you do, it was only one of the greatest moments in the history of TV. It’s easy to forget that Paige McCullers also had a mannequin run-in during that episode. She broke a mannequin hand in CeCe’s boutique when she was trying to convince Spencer that she was a harmless, peace-loving lesbian like Ellen. Well, before that little catastrophe, apparently Paige is the one who talked Emily into attending the trunk show in the first place. Probably Paige was just trying to be a supportive girlfriend, but also maybe she knew that purple dress was in play. She feeds Emily noodles because her blood sugar has dropped to super-grumpy levels. She tells her that since she likes fashion and Hanna, they should definitely go to CeCe’s boutiqe. Also, she sits Emily down and explains that the Liars are going to keep being terrified of her until she proves she is only dangerous to her mortal enemies: trash cans.

My guess is that this scene was pulled because Paige is such a tender little lamb in it and ABC Family was really pushing hard about the the big #BetrAyer reveal back then. Everyone needed to come off creepy.

Speaking of which, one of the other crazy amazing things about the PLL season three DVDs is the inclusion of the long-rumored footage of alternate endings to the summer finale.

Man, that just freaks me out so bad.

Seeing Paige and Emily acting like the cutest things together has rocketed my excitement for season four to astronomical levels. Have you seen the Paily scenes on the season 3 DVDs? What do you think about them?