Steal Her Short Haircut

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time to try out a shorter ‘do. We asked Seattle-based Vain stylist and resident AE Gal Pal Emily Hartl to give us the lowdown on these celesbian haircuts that you, too, can achieve.

The Butch Fade

To get AzMarie‘s cool close-to-the-head shave, “seek out a stylist who specializes in clipper cuts and carving artistry because not everyone has the tools or skill set to accomplish that look,” Emily said. “The great part about that look is that it requires little to no product, but the downside is that you will likely need it maintained every two to four weeks.” Hope you like your barber!

The Curly Bob

For “heavier, shorter look with minimal layering,” Emily recommends a curl creme like Morrocan Oil Curl Defining creme or M.O.P. C-Curl to define curls and fight frizz. Her tip: “Scrunch curl creme onto soaking wet hair immediately after your shower to get maximum ringlets and minimal problems.” As far as how to get the color Jasika Nicole is rocking, Emily said to ask for “sort of a fusion of ombre and balayage in caramel and copper tones.” “It also looks like she might have some heavier foil paneling in the front for a more dramatic contrast,” Emily said. “It’s super cool.”

The Boyish Pixie

Your stylist will be doing the majority of the cut with shears or a razor, Emily said. She recommended “a soft styling compound like Bumble & Bumble Sumotech would be an awesome product to add texture and separation as well as tame any fly aways.” If you start out short like Jenny Shimizu, it will grow into the look Ellen is sporting, which is just a touch longer, Emily said. “It can grow into a look like Ellen’s allowing a little extra time between appointments.”

The Bieber

Emily said you should just tell your stylist that the Bieber is what you’re going for because “Your stylist will know what that means. It works well on fine hair but is a nice way to work with more medium to thick textures if you want a lot of weight removal and movement in a shorter style.” Charice and Dani Campbell are just a few of the many who do the Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber, so you won’t be alone.

The Razor Pomp

This look is easy style but “really only appropriate for truly straight textures,” Emily said. “If someone tries to go after your hair with a razor and you have a tendency to curl or frizz, politely ask them to stop. It will make your hair look like you’ve stuck it into an electrical outlet.” Get this piecey look by using Davines’ Matte Sea Salt Spray and blow dry into the hair after it’s damp, “pushing and therefore molding your hair into the direction that you want it to lay down.” To achieve the pompadour like Portia de Rossi‘s, “use your fingers to push the hair back as you blowdry,” Emily said. “Finish with a little flexible hold hairspray like Bumble & Bumble’s Does It All in order to keep the bob in place.” If you prefer to keep things less piled, try Otep‘s way of folding it forward.

The Curly-Haired Hipster Face-Frame

Emily said this round layered cut LP has is a great way to “embrace natural curl or wave” while also looking hip as hell. “Ask for a rounded bob with plenty of layering and shorter face-framing,” she suggested, and try Bumble & Bumble’s Curl Defining Creme. “For polish or for refreshing the look without having to get it wet and start all over again is Davines’ Universal Polishing Coat.”

The Disconnected ‘Do

“A disconnected shorter haircut is a super fun way to enjoy the best of both worlds in a shorter cut,” Emily said. “Explain that you’d want your sides noticeably shorter than your top section. Be sure that you’re both clear on how you want the back to look — shorter, blended into the crown, a totally disconnected bowl.” Whether you go with Romy Madley Croft‘s version or Sara Quin‘s smoother look, it should grow out nicely and using Davines’ Glossy Molding putty for “separation and shine” will help keep it looking right.

Give one of these a go and feel how nice it is to get cropped for the hottest time of the year.