EXCLUSIVE: Samia – “We Have the Right”

New York-based singer Samia is exclusively premiering her new video for “We Have the Right” here on AfterEllen.com and we couldn’t be more thrilled to share her pro-equality anthem with you. The song was inspired by Stonewall and the progress we’ve made as a country when it comes to achieving LGBT rights, as well as the ones we continue to fight for. The video has clips from rallies and riots and Samia’s fans and their families, and the lyrics are equally as inspiring.

Remember when sex was still a crime?
Lovers at risk of doing time
We had no choice but to hide

A party broke up in ’69
Cops rushed in and crossed a line
The people saw a chance to rise

And everyone took up the cry
With fires lighting up the sky

We have the right to be together
And we won’t back down
We have the fire to fight forever
You can’t govern our hearts now
We have the right
We have the right
We have the right to be together

We’ve paid a monumental cost
For battles won and battles lost
Now closet doors are open wide

I’m grateful for the pioneers
Who forced us all to face our fears
We have a chance now to decide

When Edith Windsor took the stand
Her message echoed through the land


If you’re in NYC for Pride, you can catch Samia at Industry Bar on June 25. Otherwise you can find out more about her at samiamusic.com.