Morning Brew – Tues. June 18: “The Fosters” casts Lena’s ex, Ellen is the most famous gay in America

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Kristen Stewart went to a Hooters in Amarillo, Texas and why were we not there?

The Fosters has cast Necar Zadegan as Lena’s ex-girlfriend. Necar was in the Nicole Conn film Elena Undone and most recently the bitchy boss on Emily Owens M.D.. According to Zap2It:

Gretchen is a world-traveler who runs in very wealthy and elite circles and will share stories from her and Lena’s shared past during an uncomfortable dinner — which we assume will involve Lena’s current partner, Stef (Teri Polo).

Vulture wants to hear your Orphan Black questions so they can ask the showrunners for you!

Kristin Bauer von Straten said we almost saw a hot sex on the beach scene between Pam and Tara.

There have been many different revisions and different scripts, and there was a time where there was a version of a script where we did see more of that. But now, I’m not exactly sure when and where the writers are referring to. When would they have had time to do this? Before storming the Authority? I remember when I said, “We drank a bitch together, that doesn’t make us Oprah and Gayle,” so was it then? I don’t think so, because that first kiss felt like a first kiss, back in episode twelve of last season. So I’m imagining it was on the beach in the first episode of this season. That’s a possibility. What I’m imagining is that it was fairly tender and intimate, because that moment on the beach is a vulnerable moment that Pam allows to happen, and they’re really bonding. Pam can be like a turtle and pull back into her shell, so I think this was a real first for Pam, to be vulnerable and have another human being — well, another being, another entity, comfort her. She’s only had that with Eric.

Melissa Etheridge superfans will want to know about this! The singer said she’s putting together a huge boxset:

The record company came to me and said, “You know, it’s been 25 years, let’s put out a box set.” But I didn’t want to just say, “OK, here’s my songs again.” I think my fans will enjoy some of these other things so I started going back into the vaults and into my storage space and found some tapes I hadn’t even remembered. So it’s going to be eight CDs and there’s live tracks, covers, solo demo tracks, a recording of me made when I was 14, everything that didn’t make it onto an album, pictures and videos. I even found a TV show I did back in 1982 in L.A.

A new chick lit novel has a lesbian character, which The Frisky acknowledged is kind of unusual. Author Jo Piazza explains:

Annie’s character really started in a bar on the East side of Manhattan. One of my close girlfriends had just had a baby and after we visited I went to the nearest corner pub with my two close friends who happen to be a lesbian couple, both named Meg and both incredibly awesome women. I was hashing out my ideas for a novel and after a couple of beers they told me they were so sick of the trite gay fabulous best friend character. They asked me if I could write a hot awesome lesbian best friend. Annie has so many other influences, but that is where she was born.

The book is Love Rehab: A Novel In 12 Steps and Jo is a former gossip columnist for the New York Daily News.

Flavorwire says you should stream Lost & Delirious on Netflix this week. As if you haven’t seen it 100 times!

Pretty Little Liars‘ costume designer Mandi Line talked with ET about dressing the liars, and said she thinks Emily has gone through the biggest fashion transition.

Oh, Emily for sure. I can put a belt on anything, flip the collar up, stud it and Aria will rock it. Aria’s storyline is consistent to who she is. Aria wasn’t scared in the beginning and she won’t be scared now — who cares if she loses this man; she’s still gonna wear a gangster necklace, a tiger jacket, printed pants and high top tennies to tell Ezra goodbye. In that outfit, she don’t care [laughs]. Emily has taken a much bigger journey a lot of Emily’s fashion arc is because of her journey, so you see it represented in her clothes.

Interview magazine talked with Austra‘s out frontwoman Katie Stelmanis. She talked about co-writing with Sari Lightman on some of the tracks:

Certain songs, like “Painful,” were Sari’s concept. That song is about being gay in a small town. I think it’s really sweet because she reference, “Ride past their prying eyes,” and she references someone visiting someone else in the middle of the night. And Sari’s girlfriend, actually, is a bike courier, so I know she’s [talking about] her own life. So even though it isn’t me, I love singing about it. I love thinking about it. She created a really beautiful story with that song.

Austra’s new album, Olympia, is out today!

How do Adrienne Rich and lesbianism fit into the ideas of BFFs in movies and TV? PolicyMic finds the connection.

Ellen DeGeneres is the most famous gay person in America, as she should be.

Lousine is a lesbian matchmaker who tries to help “the straights” find love.

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