“Degrassi: The Time of My Life” recap: “It’s the End of the World as We Know It” (parts 1-2)

Hello, all you lovely people, and welcome back for the finale of season 12 of Degrassi! Not to be one-upped by the weird schedule and random hiatuses of Glee, Degrassi took a three month hiatus, has now aired the season finale, and will be back again in three weeks with the beginning of season 13. Make sense? Yeah, not to me either.

Oh well! Last time on Degrassi, Adam finally got together with Becky and then went off to Las Vegas to support his brother’s (eventually postponed) wedding. And perhaps the saying should be, “whoever goes to Vegas, stays in Vegas,” as we’ve seen neither hide nor hair of him since then. Meanwhile, Fiona and Imogen’s relationship has faced several tests this past year, most recently with the break-in at Fiona’s apartment and her subsequent attempt to buy a gun.

But never mind our favorite ladies’ troubles, because it’s graduation time!

We open with Imogen helping Fiona prepare for prom and avoiding her own unopened final report card. Apparently at Degrassi, if you’re on the path toward flunking senior year, no one pulls you aside to give you a heads up, so Imogen is savoring her last moments of ignorant bliss in favor of focusing on her dreams of art school with Fiona.

As they get dressed for prom, though, Fiona talks excitedly about how summer is going to fly by and they’ll be at college before they know it! Imogen wants to focus on the time they have, but Fiona just wants to prepare for the future, forcing Imogen to come clean about flunking all her classes. Taking it in stride, Fiona promises to be Imogen’s sophisticated college girlfriend instead.

However, just then Mama Coyne drops by with some news that changes everything: the Coyne family legal troubles are resolved, their assets are unfrozen, and better yet, her mother rubbed elbows with a famous designer named Federico who now wants to offer Fiona the position of junior designer… in Rome.

Fiona is over the moon with happiness, while Imogen looks oh so painfully thrilled and changes the subject to how they’re going to be late to prom.

At the prom, Imogen rants to Bianca and Drew, “So then Ms. Coyne swooped in like Mussolini and forced Fiona to take this stupid opportunity. Mama Coyne, ruthless dictator; Fiona, indentured pleb. Discuss!” Fiona tells her not to worry, though – Federico probably won’t even call Fiona back.

But as Fiona is announcing prom king and queen, her phone rings with a call from Federico. After a moment of hesitation, Imogen answers and agrees to have “Fiona” meet him.

She shows up at the restaurant and immediately starts to make a scene, sticking her finger into other patrons’ meals, shouting, hitting on Federico, downing his wine, and demanding to know why he interrupted her prom night to talk about this “stupid opportunity.” Furious, he tells “Fiona” there is no opportunity anymore and in fact, he hopes to never see her ever again.

Imogen arrives back at prom just in time for Fiona’s phone to ring – from Imogen’s purse – with a call from Mama Coyne. Confused, Fiona answers the call, from which she learns that Federico reported her “drunkenness” to her mother, who immediately called rehab facilities.

Furious at Imogen’s selfish and immature actions, Fiona snaps at Imogen that it’s her future and Imogen should understand that. Maybe they’re too different to make a relationship work after all, she says, and walks away.

Hidden in the coatroom outside the prom, a tearful Imogen scrolls through pictures of her and Fiona during better days until she’s stumbled upon by a reunited Clare and Eli. If they can work it out, Eli argues, anyone can work it out. All Fiona cares about is the job opportunity, Imogen whines, so Eli wisely advises her to help Fiona get the job. Better a girlfriend thousands of miles away than no girlfriend at all, right?

So off Imogen heads to the airport to chase after Federico, confessing to him that she’s Fiona girlfriend, or maybe her ex-girlfriend – but regardless she’s not Fiona. She admits that the only reason she made it through the past year was that Fiona Coyne was on her team, and she’s scared to lose her to Rome. Everyone should have a Fiona, and Imogen doesn’t know where she’ll find another.

After a moment of hesitation, Federico informs her to have the real Fiona call him again, and he’ll see if she’s as special as Imogen says.

Imogen shows up at Fiona’s loft the next day, only to get told by Mama Coyne that Fiona doesn’t want to be disturbed. So Imogen settles for leaving Federico’s message with Mama Coyne, along with “good luck” and “goodbye.”

Fiona steps out as Imogen turns to leave, though, forgiving her on the condition that Imogen never impersonate Fiona again. Thrilled, Imogen promises to find an art school in Italy after she graduates, but when Fiona takes it a step further to suggest that Imogen’s dad can visit whenever, Imogen’s face falls with the reality of it all.

Italy’s only for a year or two, right? Sure, Fiona agrees, and then Paris or Dubai – the whole world is theirs to explore together! Again, Imogen looks more on the pained side of painfully excited…

At the graduation ceremony itself, Fiona focuses her valedictorian speech on how last year, she skipped graduation to go to the liquor store. She was a friendless mess and was scared of the future, but having made amazing new friends this year, she isn’t afraid of change anymore. So with that, let the changes begin!

Starting with Imogen, who decides it’s time for them to say goodbye. For good. With her aching heart written all over her face, she explains that she doesn’t want to hold Fiona back from exploring the world, so she’s letting her go. So with one last kiss, Fiona walks away to toss her graduation cap and meet her potential future in Rome.

And that’s it for season 12, peeps! It’s been a great ride this past year with lots of focus for our favorite queers all throughout. Since Imogen’s sticking around and Adam will hopefully come back from Vegas one of these days, fingers crossed for more of the same next season!