Watch now! 2 sneak peeks of next week’s “Pretty Little Liars”

Just when you think we’ve put Rosewood’s creepy mask situation to bed for a little while, ABC Family releases sneak peeks and promo photos from next week’s Pretty Little Liars. We know Paige McCullers is definitely in next week’s episode, but we haven’t seen her glorious face yet. (Well, except for in the Twitter pictures Norman Buckley and Joseph Dougherty tweeted from set when they were filming.) But here’s what we do know:

Kung Fu Jake knows Aria isn’t over and Ezra and will never be over Ezra and is Ezra, Ezra, Ezra for the rest of time amen — because I guess Kung Fu Jake has seen the first three seasons of this show.


And in the next sneak peek, we get our first look at Roma Maffia as one of the special detectives who have come to town to investigate Wilden’s murder. Here’s hoping she plays a lesbian psycho like she did in Nip/Tuck!


What do you think of the clips of “Face Time”?