Tyra Banks gives Rosie a good squeeze

Oh, my. No, your eyes do not deceive you: That is Tyra Banks feeling up Rosie O’Donnell on The View. Please disregard my stunned silence as I collect my thoughts.

Right, so, first things first, this of course isn’t the first time Tyra Banks has given another woman’s breasts the “real or Memorex” test. Remember when she caught the McPheever? Then, Tyra gave Katharine McPhee a few polite squeezes. But when Rosie confessed yesterday on The View that her cleavage was also au naturel, Tyra went in for some serious groping. Like, "keep kneading that bread, the kids want sandwiches" sort of kneading. Even Rosie, who you would think wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to a former supermodel showing interest in her bosom, seems put off by the extended touch-me-feel-me session. Seriously, girlfriend, ease up — that’s no way to squeeze the Charmin. Since Tyra thinks of herself as the new Oprah, perhaps we should start calling her the new Groprah instead.

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