TV alert: Kyra Sedgwick on “Inside the Actors Studio” tonight

Kyra Sedgwick is the guest on tonight’s episode of Inside the Actors Studio (Bravo, 8/7c). I’m sure it’s no coincidence that The Closer returns next week (June 18 on TNT at 9/8c). But any reason is a good one if it means more Sedgwick on the screen.

Sedgwick’s lesbian following, of which I am a happy member, goes waaay back. For me, it all began with Losing Chase (1996), in which she was lucky enough to lock lips with Helen Mirren. Sure, she ran away after that fateful kiss, but that’s probably because Mirren is so irresistible and gorgeous. (Yes, I do enjoy my delusions.)

And then Sedgwick played an out lesbian in What’s Cooking? — a good-hearted film that charms me despite its flaws. In that one, she got to kiss Julianna Margulies, and she reportedly “researched” the role by doing a little bar-hopping with her co-star. Color me jealous.

Then came The Closer, in which Sedgwick continues to prove that she has mad acting skills and a fascinating face. TNT has hitched its wagon to her star, and has even seen fit to develop another crime drama that centers on a sassy, sexy Southerner: Saving Grace with Holly Hunter (more on that in July — at least for Hunter, the accent will be less tricky).

Sedgwick loves playing Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson: In the new issue of Entertainment Weekly, she says, “I love this character more than anything I’ve played, other than Olivia in Twelfth Night on Broadway.” High praise indeed (and yet another lesbian-ish role!).

With all that, plus memorable turns in films like Born on the Fourth of July, Phenomenon, Something to Talk About and Cavedweller, Kyra is almost as connected as her workaholic husband, Kevin Bacon, whom she calls a “beautiful human being” (aww). Here they are way back in 1988 — how adorable are they?!

Sedgwick should have some good stories when she sits down with James Lipton tonight. Maybe she’ll even talk about those girl-girl kisses.