A call to glory: We need bloggers

Have you said to yourself, "I wish I could blog for AfterEllen.com”? Have you shaken your fists at the heavens after reading a blog post that would have been worlds better if you had written it? Do you have nothing better to do with your days than read entertainment news and search for the perfect Spashley picture?

If so, now’s your chance. We’re looking for bloggers. But we don’t just want you to volunteer: We want you to show us you can do it. Follow these steps if you’re up to the challenge:

1. Pick one of these topics. (a) Kelly Clarkson cancels her summer tour; (b) Vivica Fox’s latest film projects; (c) J.K. Rowling begins a U.S. book tour; (d) Who should replace Rosie on The View?

2. Research and write. A good blog post should have links, additional resources, funny connections and at least one photo — and maybe a video clip too. We want to be sure you can research the topic, not just give your take on it. But do be opinionated, too! Don’t just report the news. Be funny, be original, all of that.

3. Send us your blog post. Send it — one entry per person, please — as either an HTML document (this is the preferred method, especially if you can really be impressive and include photos and clips in it), or as text in the body of an email, or as a Word document, to scribegrrrl (at) gmail.com. Don’t submit HTML created via Word — if you want to create an HTML document, use an HTML editor, not Word.

Please note: We’re looking for people who can blog every weekday, one blog post per day. Please don’t send a submission if you can’t commit to that. That’s once a day, Monday through Friday, every week.

We’ll take your submissions until the end of June.

Why would you want to do this? Well, it’s a chance to make yourself heard and contribute to the coolest website on the planet. After a trial period, we’ll even pay you a little, but don’t get excited about that part — we have a very limited budget and can’t offer a lot.

Here are some examples of good blog posts, just to give you an idea of what we’re looking for:

Showtime: “The L Word” no longer about lesbians, but “people”
The sad, sick world of gorno
Note to TCM: “Gay” = gay men AND lesbians
Julie Andrews, still sublime

Betty and Veronica aren’t bad; they’re just drawn that way
Kirsten Dunst heads for “The Land of the Lost”?

There you go. Have fun! Oh, and one more thing: Spelling and grammar do count. Like, a lot.