Minnie Driver gives voice to Lara Croft

I have fond memories of playing the first Tomb Raider video game on a dorky Acer PC that would now seem like a relic. That game was so pixelly — Lara Croft had those pointy torpedo boobs — but it had the perfect effort-reward ratio. For me, every TR game since then has paled. And the films don’t really compare either, though I do enjoy watching Croft kick butt. Still, Tomb Raider should be about the adventure, not the Angelina.

This latest bit of Tomb Raider news is more along the lines of what I like. Minnie Driver will be the voice of Lara Croft in an online animated series called Re\Visioned: Tomb Raider. I take issue with the backslash (what the hell is that trying to do?) but I approve of the concept. And I definitely approve of anything that involves Driver’s voice or Driver in general. (I only wish I could tolerate the rest of The Riches, because she’s great in it. But I can’t get past the virilization and bad-acting-ization of Eddie Izzard.)

Re\Visioned premieres Tuesday, July 10 on GameTap. The first three-part series was written and designed by Peter Chung, who did the Aeon Flux animated series (which was much better than the movie) and The Animatrix. But wait a minute. GameTap? Now I’m not so sure this is a good move for Driver. What would Bubble from Ab Fab say? "Minnie Driver? Is it a dwarf?"