A&E orders up “Danny Fricke”

Cable network A&E has signed on to develop a new pilot called Danny Fricke. The show centers on a female homicide detective in Los Angeles. The deal hinges on the casting of the pilot, specifically the lead. A&E executives want her to be “sexy, smart and tough, and believable as a detective.” Since Mariska Hargitay already has a job, I figured it couldn’t hurt to offer the folks over at A&E a few helpful suggestions. Of course, I have a couple of criteria of my own to add. In order to be believable as a homicide cop, she can’t be 20 years old, and she can’t be a size zero. In no particular order, here are my suggestions. Feel free to chime in with your thoughts.

5. Rose Rollins

She plays a tough MP on The L Word, so a Los Angeles homicide cop isn’t too much of a stretch. Plus, she looks like she could actually arrest someone. She can arrest me anytime she wants.

4. Demi Moore

She wore a gun and a badge in Mr. Brooks and made us believe she was a Navy Seal in G.I. Jane. Throw in a few Charlie’s Angels–inspired action sequences and I’m sold.

3. Annabeth Gish

Honestly, I’ve had a crush on her since she was Hiding Out with Jon Cryer and delivering Mystic Pizza with Julia Roberts. Plus, she proved her believability as a cop by playing smart, sexy FBI Agent Monica Reyes in The X-Files.

2. Ashley Judd

She does a great impression of a butch Mariska Hargitay in Twisted. I’d look at her in that leather jacket all day long.

1. Sandra Bullock

We know she can play a smart, sexy and funny cop based on her two turns as FBI Agent Gracie Hart. But if you’ve seen Crash, you know she can also do flawed, scarred and jaded. Those three words apply to just about every homicide cop I know.

As this show is in the extremely early stages of development, there is no word on whether the character of Ms. Fricke will increase the number of lesbian or bisexual characters seen on television. I can hope, but I won’t hold my breath. Only Muppets look good with blue skin. Besides, there’s no guarantee the show will ever see the light of day. It could very well disappear into the mist with Nikki & Nora. All I ask is that someone tell the costume designer that cops don’t typically wear high heels.