Joan Allen to play prison warden in “Death Race”

Yes, you read that right. Joan Allen has just
signed on
to play a prison warden in Paul W.S. Anderson‘s 2008 Death Race.

I’ll give you a moment to anticipate Allen, who is so effective at playing the strong, take-charge type, taking charge of an entire prison.

Looks like she’s enjoying the idea right along with us, no?

And now I’ll spoil your enthusiasm by saying that the movie, also starring Jason Statham and
Tyrese Gibson, sounds … well, awful. Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner are producing,
which is a count against it already, but what’s more, it’s a remake of Death Race 2000, a 1975
Sylvester Stallone/David Carradine “cult classic.” Descriptions vary from
“a future America in which prison inmates are forced to brutally compete in an enclosed arena”
(Hollywood Reporter)
to “a group of contestants on a cross-country race who score points for running down pedestrians”
The warden apparently runs the show.

Wow. I admire Allen tremendously, and I even like a solid action movie on occasion, but I’m having a hard time
understanding how this is going to be worthwhile. I’m pinning my hopes on Anderson’s assertion that Allen “kicks the most ass out of everybody.”
(Well, duh. Is he familiar with her acting skills?) And I’m also figuring that if she’s a warden, she’ll have to wear either a uniform or a suit —
and I do so enjoy Allen in a suit.

I am really looking forward to seeing Allen’s current release, The Bourne Ultimatum, which is getting
remarkably good
My impression is that in addition to being one helluva ride, it conveys a prescient political message. Indeed, Allen doesn’t seem
to do much entertainment for strictly entertainment’s sake; while not all
of her movies have fared as well as she has, most of them make a
statement of some sort, whether more political (Bourne, All the
), more interpersonal (Off the Map) or both

Does that mean I should have higher expectations for Death Race, or should I assume that everyone — even Joan
Allen &mdash has to make a misstep at some point?