“The Bridge” recap (2.3): Sorrowsworn

This episode of The Bridge is particularly special because it is the first since actress Emily Rios (Adriana Mendez) came out in an interview with AfterEllen. So a big congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to Emily Rios for speaking her truth and joining a small but growing group of young, out actors. So, now on to the show.

After a long night of murdering, Eleanor makes her way to the local Fashion Bug to pick out a new outfit, one with less blood one it. The kindly clerk leads her to the dressing room, where Eleanor asks for some space. When inside, Eleanor finds a straight pin, and sticks it deep inside the flesh between her breasts. She lets out a satisfied sigh, and smiles at the blood dripping down her sternum. It is truly terrifying.


Back at Sonya’a apartment, Jack pumps away while a look of boredom is fixed on Sonya’s face. “That wasn’t as good as the first time,” she matter of factly tells him.

Marco receives clearance from the El Paso police to help Sonya on the mystery woman case, and Kitty offers him an air mattress and an omelet if he wants to crash with her. He politely declines. Kitty isn’t the only one who is happy to see Marco. Lt. Wade greets him with a warm handshake and a glass of Rye. Wade offers him a safe space in El Paso.

Well I’ll be darned if it isn’t Ray and Cesar driving a horse trailer. I’d been wondering what these fellows had gotten up to. It can only mean one thing! We will soon set eyes on Charlotte. But before that happens, a group of masked bike riding teenagers set upon them, shooting out their tires and demanding the drugs they believe the men are hauling. When the thieves don’t find the drugs, they place guns to Ray and Cesar’s heads. Then Cesar says the words that nobody wants to hear. “They’re in the horse.” Yes, the drugs are in the horse’s ass. The ringleader shoots the horse and makes Ray pull out the drugs. Afterwards, he decides not to kill Ray and Cesar and instead let Fausto Galvan’s men do it when they show up empty handed. When Ray and Cesar get to safety and a pay phone, Ray calls Charlotte with the bad news. It’s time to pack a bag and get ready to run.


At the station, Dex, the other teenage boy who witnessed Eleanor naked and washing blood off of herself at the carwash, has shown up with his mother. Sonya and Marco sit down with him and he identifies Eleanor as the woman from the border surveillance footage. He also tells them about Eleanor’s many scary tattoos and how Kyle stayed behind after he ran off. Dex is concerned about Kyle’s safety since he hasn’t seen or heard from him in days. Sonya and Marco head to Kyle’s house to talk to his parents. When Marco sits down with Kyle’s little brother, the child reveals that a special Metamorphosis card was taken from his room that night.

Decked out in a new set of frumpy duds, Eleanor gets her Home Depot on and picks up a large plastic barrel and some lye. She then finds a group of day laborers and chooses a man named Jamie who has suffered from a head injury. He limps to the car behind her.

The FBI and El Paso detectives get together to discuss their progress and Agent McKenzie admits to hearing rumors about a woman working for Galvan’s cartel. A shunned Mennonite, at that. When the detectives press him for more details as to why Eleanor may be special, he refuses to answer. He doesn’t exactly like that fact that the Mexican police have become involved in the investigation. Cooper interrupts to deliver some intel about a possible Eleanor and Kyle sighting a few days back. When Sonya and Marco leave, McKenzie levels with Hank, giving him Eleanor’s full name and her position in the cartel. Catch her, and there is a good chance that they can nail Galvan as well.

In Juarez, after their gruesome discovery, Frye and Adriana head to Raul Quintanna’s apartment. Luckily he is alive but devastated when he hears about Chuchito’s fate. Frye and Adriana press Raul for info as to who would want his boyfriend dead. Chuchito was working for the cartel on a new money house, Raul tells them. He recalls seeing Chuchito with a woman from the cartel. Raul isn’t sold that it’s the work of the cartel, and warns Frye and Adriana that they are probably going to be followed by these creeps soon enough.


The Capitan stops by Galvan’s warehouse to give him an update on Eleanor and let him know that she took a child in all of this. Galvan is more pissed off that he’s lost a load of drugs, horse ass drugs to be exact. Unbeknownst to Ray, Galvan already knows that is was some local Juarez kids that stole the stash, so he tells the Capitan that he’ll handle it and to stay out of their neighborhood for a few days. When Galvan inquires about Prosecutor Pintado, the Capitan assures him that he’s got things under control.

Another familiar, albeit bushy and bearded, face appears in this episode. Steven Linder rolls through the dusty desert roads on his motorcycle. He stops at a small roadside stand to buy a gift for Eva, and the proprietor hands him a large smooth stone as well. The man then whispers in Steven’s ear that he will need the rock someday, and David managed Goliath just fine with one. Steven looks at the man, surprised that anyone could be any weirder that he is.


When Steven pulls up to Rev Bob’s Ranch, Bob pulls him aside and informs him that a man tried to get into the compound the night before. Rev Bob has him tied up in the chicken coop. The intruder is a dirty cop from Juarez, and Bob has given him a hell of a beating while trying to get information. Steven intercedes and stops Bob from hurting the cop anymore, at least for the time being.