Best. Lesbian. Holiday. Ever.

Stumped about what to get your girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, BFFs or holiday fling casual acquaintances this holiday season? We at have rounded up a few choice gifts to recommend, from the best DVDs and games to lesbionic fashion for you and your home. So queue up those “Jingle Bells” and crack open that eggnog, because we’re here to help make this the Best. Lesbian. Holiday. Ever.

There are plenty of lesbolicious DVDs to give this year, from romantic comedies Gray Matters and Puccini for Beginners to Melissa Etheridge’s concert DVD, The Awakening: Live, which features her one-time performance of her newest album at the Hard Rock Café in New York. But if you’re shopping for a lesbian who has almost everything, here are some other selections for her special collection:

The Dante’s Cove Guilty Pleasure Collection box set ($49.95) contains the complete first two seasons of here! TV’s supernatural soap opera, but that’s not why you should get it. It also includes the so-called “Lost Pilot,” in which Jill Bennett stars as the evil Tresum-practicing Grace. The role was later re-cast with Tracy Scoggins, who brings a more diva-like approach to the material, but that’s not to say that Jill didn’t bring her own special touch to the character.

The “Lost Pilot” isn’t stellar filmmaking by any degree (for example, it features a lesbian who is constantly wearing a tiara and brandishing one crutch), but the screen lights up when Jill finally appears about 36 minutes in, dressed in a severe Victorian gown that only emphasizes her killer attitude. When she tells Ambrosius, her philandering (and secretly gay) lover, “One does not deceive me and get away with it or betray me without suffering,” no one in their right mind would dare to disagree with her!

For the sci-fi fan in your life, do them a favor and get them the Battlestar Galactica: Razor DVD ($26.98), complete with extended and deleted scenes (more Starbuck!), a sneak peek at Season 4, all of the minisodes that aired before the movie premiered on TV, and commentary from executive producer Ronald Moore and writer Michael Taylor. Their behind-the-scenes details on how they developed the Admiral Cain-Gina story line are fascinating and will provide hours of geeking-out pleasure for the BSG fan.

While we wait for Exes & Ohs to come out on DVD, check out the complete first season of The Big Gay Sketch Show ($26.99), Logo’s sketch comedy series featuring the hilarious Julie Goldman, Kate McKinnon and Nicole Paone. Yes, this DVD does come from our parent company, Logo, but it’s no Curl Girls!

The two-disc set also includes Julie’s Celesbian Interviews with Michelle Paradise, Jenny Shimizu, Alexandra Hedison and more — plus, interviews with the cast of BGSS, bloopers, behind-the-scenes video and all those sketches about lesbian speed dating, The Facts of Life and lesbian phone sex.

What could be better than reconfirming your lesbianism by watching Julie’s speed dating encounters right after Christmas dinner with your entire extended family, where they tried to set you up with that cute (male) accountant Mom met at church last weekend?