Actors we’ll watch in (almost) anything

The good folks at recently released a list of the “50 Actors We’d Watch in Anything” in two parts. As usual for this type of thing, the list was dominated by men — there were only 18 women listed. But I do have to give them kudos for selecting stellar actors.

Kate Winslet, Rosario Dawson, Joan Cusack and Allison Janney

I actually agreed with the majority of the list. And — wait for it — they even included an out lesbian in Cherry Jones!

Jones with partner Sarah Paulson

Admittedly, I don’t get to the movies as often as I’d like. I think I have only actually gotten to the theaters once in the past month. So it might be a stretch to say I’d watch these ladies in “anything.” I like to think I have standards in some area of my life. I would prefer to call the list “50 Actors That Would Allow Us to Not Hate Ourselves for Paying $9 to See This Crappy Movie.”

Edie Falco and Regina King

One thing that should be said about the women EW included is that they have largely good taste in roles to begin with. With few exceptions (I’m looking at you, Joan Cusack; seriously, School of Rock? C’mon!), these actors take on films that viewers would want to see regardless of the cast. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like the extra incentive.

Kristen Bell and Catherine Keener

And now, without further ado, here are my additions to the list, based on whatever qualifications I feel like using to justify them.

Julia Stiles

I think this picture speaks for itself.

Chandra Wilson

A virtual unknown prior to Grey’s Anatomy, Wilson ‘s career is now taking off. But until she lands a major movie role, we’re left with Dr. Bailey (not that I’m complaining). (You can also find her in the background of Sex and the City and Law and Order: SVU.)

Sandra Bullock

Admittedly, Bullock isn’t exactly known for her role-selecting savvy (think The Lake House or Speed 2), but who am I to judge? It’s OK, Sandra. We forgive you.

Olivia Wilde

Whether she is playing bisexual Alex on The O.C. or bisexual “Thirteen” on House doesn’t really matter. Wilde is sublime. I confess, her presence is enough for me to see Year One.

Now, what say you, readers? Who doesn’t belong on the list? Who is inexplicably omitted?